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The Secret Daily Teachings – 12/31/2011

Life is always changing, yet as we move into 2012 there’s one thing you can count on that never changes – the law of attraction! It’s your best friend – loyal, unbending, truthful, and it will never fail you. Whatever you think, say, and feel, comes back to you every single time! So bring glory, joy, and abundance to yourself and every other person with a good heart and a positive mind! Happy New Year! – Rhonda Byrne

I am hoping that 2012 will bring much Real (True) Love, Happiness, Joy, Abundance and the realization of the life that I have desired to have and finally Live my Dreams!


Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 12/31/2011

Expectation indicates the juncture between where you are and where you want to be. Where you want to be is your desire, and where you are is your Set-point or habit of thought. And, somewhere in there, is what we would call expectation. Expectation, whether it is wanted or unwanted, is a powerful point of attraction. Your expectation is always what you believe. But the word expectation does imply more what you are wanting than what you are not wanting. It is a more positive word than it is a negative word. But of course, you could expect negatively—and whatever you expect, you will get!

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Orlando, FL on Saturday, December 20th, 2003 # 304

If one gets into to the habit of expecting negative outcomes, more problems, desires & wants not manifesting, doesn’t mean the Law is not working…its working fine…WE is what needs to be ”fixed” by changing our expectations! A friend told me that he expects his employee to call in sick/request PTO on Tuesday after the long holiday weekend, and feels confident that he has a greater than 50% chance of being correct. He will probably get what he is expecting! As stated above, expectation is not bad, it is what is expected that is good or bad based on our desires whether conscious or unconscious. What are you expecting for the New Year?

Bob Proctor New Year Message – 12/31/2011

Bob Proctor´s New Year message…

“The first step to achieving your goals in the New Year is believe they can happen! Hopes, wishes and what-ifs don’t amount to much when they come face to face with years of ingrained beliefs. You must remind yourself everyday of what you want and believe you have it already. Don’t tuck your goals away with the Christmas ornaments! Keep them in front of you everyday and say them out loud. For example,“I’m so happy and grateful that I am at my perfect weight, looking good and feeling great.” It’s important to be grateful for the things you desire, as gratitude keeps you connected to your source of supply – the infinite.”

This weekend I am “trying” not to dwell on the overwhelming lack in my life but every time “lack” thoughts come to mind I will flip it to affirmations and thoughts of Abundance. And what better way to start the New Year than with many thoughts of Abundance and Prosperity! Meditate on this, I will……

The Secret Daily Teachings – 12/30/2011

Sometimes it is better to focus on one thing at a time, so that you harness all your energy for the one thing. That said, you can list multiple things that you want and spend one day at a time focusing on each one, feeling as though you have received it. You will most likely find that the things you have the least concern about will come first, because your lack of concern allows the Universe to easily deliver.

With multiple things wanted on a list the first reaction/response is to want everything on the list now and therefore difficult to stop, choose one item/circumstance desired and give all the focus and attention to just that one thing and stay focused for one day. Of course I can think of one think that I could give my attention too, if only I could get my attention off its opposite. I find I give more attention to the “lack of” than of the good feeling of ALREADY having received that which I desire, but I know….and KNOW…this is what and has to be done if there is to be any positive change in my current life situation.

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 12/30/2011

Esther said to us, “Abraham, how come you guys (meaning nonphysical entities) can’t get your stories straight? This one says this. That one says that. If we have been talking to God, why doesn’t God say the same thing to everyone? Why isn’t everybody getting the same message?” And we said, “Everybody isn’t asking the same question. Everybody is not at the same point of understanding. Everybody is not even wanting the same thing.” We are all about eternalness which means we are about difference. It is in our difference that desires of all kinds come forth, and as all of these new desires pop up, every one of them, even in their difference, is important.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Chicago, IL on Saturday, July 11th, 1998 # 303

This same thing I found applies to reading books and listening to the seminars and other recordings. I have found books that I have read (or tried to read but didn’t understand) in the past, pick them up now and they have a whole new meaning or “see” things I didn’t before or now have an understanding where there was none before. Also with the seminars, hear things the first couple of times, but play them again weeks or months later (some times just days) and I hear something that was not “heard” during any of the previous times. So wonder if that indicates progress, or just were not open to that during that previous time or that something new read or heard is seen now because now it applies to this point/moment in time….”When the student is ready, the Master will appear”.

Science of Mind Daily Affirmation for Friday, December 30, 2011

I feel peaceful today knowing that God is my source and supply for all that I need. I open my mind and accept ever-greater good finding its way to me.

That “Peaceful” feeling has been challenging for me to find and “feel”, for the anxiety and stress keep finding ways to enter in and over power any attempt to find and KNOW PEACE! But if I can find a way to truly feel, know and BELIEVE in the Source and be open for it to flow into my life, then all of the financial stress can flow out of my life. In comes the good and out goes the bad. Something I read in one of the many books that I have stated that from the steady drip of clean water into a bucket of dirty water, that bucket of water will eventually be full of clean water. Not worded as well as it was in the book, but the meaning is there…I hope. It does get very frustrating at times for me when I find it is so much easier for me to give into negative mental dialog and much more “challenging” to say and maintain saying affirmations. But just like that steady drip of clean water, hopefully that bucket will be overflowing with clean water. I want to go into the new year with the attitude that I will finally reach that tipping point of 51% and things and circumstances start changing and those challenges and problems be removed (or at least significantly reduced to where there is more good than bad).

Wallace D. Wattles

“The more clear and definite you make your picture then and the more you dwell upon it, bringing out all its delightful details, the stronger your desire will be, and the stronger your desire, the easier it will be to hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want. “ – Wallace D. Wattles

The above quote was posted on The Secret and The Law of Attraction Facebook page. There is also a cool photo along with this post but I am not able to copy and paste here using my BlackBerry so I am hoping I can on the computer. But it is one or those photos that I would love to have as a poster because its one of those photos that helps you think and “feel” one with the Universe and all that your heart desires! You can almost get lost in this image especially if the right music were playing too. But it serves as a good visual reminder (in my opinion) that there is so much power and Love available to us and if only we would open up ourselves to fully allow this Source to flow through us and our affairs, our dreams and desires, we could have and live so much more! Easy words for me to say and write now to sincerely put into practical practice. Its easy for the doubt and reality to jump in front of me and demand my attention away from the Beauty that could and should be my life. I only wish I could have grasped the concept better years ago when I first started down this path and can only imagine where my life would be now. I had so MANY dreams, now there seem so few becuase I allowed reality and others to discourage me and beat me down and hold me back rather than staying focused and truly BELIEVING with every fiber of my being and never doubting, never going off course or turning/giving control to another or allowing others to take control. I can rant on about the mistakes made but unless I learn from them, let go of the past, and move forward then here is where I will continue to exist….and that ain’t gonna happen!

(Below is the image that I was with the original post that I wanted to add here to reflect upon….just need to appropriate music now!)

Kristopher Raphael Twitter Post – 12/28/2011

Source has already created a most magnificent dream for you. Are you ready to walk into it?

Now this is something that can make you stop and imagine the most magnificent dream standing before you, the door already opened and all you need to do is…just walk in! If it could that easy…..

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 12/28/2011

We want you to enjoy the contrasting experience, just like you enjoy the contrasting buffet. And we want you to reach the place (and practicing Virtual Reality will help you to gain this confidence) that whenever you’re in front of a buffet that has so much that you do like to eat, as well as some that you don’t like to eat, you don’t feel frustrated that there are things there you don’t want to eat. You don’t feel compelled to put them on your plate and eat them; you just pick the things that you like. And the Universe of thought is the same way. You can choose from it the things that you like.

— Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturday, June 29th, 2002

Very interesting analogy used today. When it comes to food, I am a picky eater, mostly sticking to what I like, at times reluctant to try something new unless I am in the right mood (or feel its safe to try). But where is that pickiness when it comes to the thoughts that I think? I go right for the (negative) thoughts about things that I do not like or want instead of the having (eating) thoughts about things that I do like and want? Now granted I do eat things that are not always good for me yet they are things that I like. But with regards to the mental buffet I “eat” (think) things that I both do not like AND that are not good for me. Again, a very interesting analogy, never thought about it in just this way. Guess I need to go on a mental diet and steer clear of the things not good for me, just like eating the wrong things (or too much of a good thing) can affect your physical body and health, so can eating (thinking) the wrong things affect your mental and emotional health but only in this case too much of a good thing is Good as it can only bring you that much closer to living The Dream!

The Secret Scrolls – 12/19/2011

From The Secret Daily Teachings

It is not enough to know the principles in The Secret – you must DO them, unceasingly, every single day. You must LIVE the principles. Step by step you will become the master of your thoughts and feelings, and the master of your life.

There is nothing more important than this, because your whole future life relies on you.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret… bringing joy to billions

This one is out of sync as I just found it in my Spam folder, but now realize I did not see this weekly email but so much else was going one did not think to go and check but happened to see it today….and maybe today is a good day for “seeing” this as I have been quite moody these past couple of days feeling “stuck” in my current situations and circumstances and seeing another year coming to end and no where closer to being where I want and should be at this point in my life. But I know that I have not been as focused and committed on a DAILY basis to practicing and DOING the principles. It is not enough to know, one must DO! Or as Yoda put it “Do or do not! There is no try!” Making these blog entries is helping me to make more of an effort by making me think more and more about the principles and thinking of ways to make them part of my daily routine and not when the situation or circumstances get worse! Or like now when I “feel” worse and so exhausted from constantly running around playing Fire Marshal Bill with my thoughts and emotions and their corresponding circumstances! I need to find and make time for me to work and put the principles into practice….daily practice!

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