Joe Vitale – 1/22/2012

“It’s really important that you feel good. Because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the more you will attract the things that help you feel good and that will keep bringing you up higher and higher.” – Joe Vitale, Author and Speaker =>

Again, more on the importance of ”feeling good” and how good feelings attract more things into your life to feel good about, which you then feel good about which brings more good things to feel good about…etc…
I understand the concept…its finding the “good feelings” or things to feel good about that is difficult to find & feel in a sad heart. If I could find “something” that I can consistently feel good about AND separate myself for a little time everyday from the day to day drama & problems and just allow myself to “feel good” and protect that feeling and those thoughts from the ”spoiled children” and do this everyday…..
I know this would need to become a daily habit like I already habitually think and feel negativity so if I can reverse that habit to thinking and feeling good….51%!

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