Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 2/19/2012

While  it is obvious that a good-feeling body makes for a more pleasant physical  experience, we want you to understand that finding pleasant things to focus  upon also makes for a good-feeling body.

However,  most humans are approaching the subject of their physical well-being in a  backward manner. Most people who are experiencing physical ailments let their  physical condition dictate their mental attitude. In other words, their  emotions are responsive to their physical condition. When they are in pain,  they offer emotions of frustration, worry, anger, or fear. They want the condition  to improve so that their emotional state can improve.

Any  illness, or departure from physical well-being, begins at a cellular level—but  the overwhelming propensity of your cells is that of thriving. All day, every  day, your cells are reclaiming balance at such refined and subtle levels that  most people are completely unaware of the power and intelligence of their  cellular bodies.

Focusing  upon good-feeling objects of attention is the most effective way of providing  the optimum environment for allowing unhindered cellular communication and the  ultimate thriving of your physical body.

— Abraham Excerpted from Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide

And this would apply not only to just physical ailments but to feelings of exhaustion and fatigue. It is “challenging” to find those better “Good Feelings” when dealing with the “Booty Drag Syndrome” on a daily basis along the feelings of irritability and frustration. The irony is that the fatigue and exhaustion are due to working longer hours at work to make extra money while KNOWING that my paycheck(s) are not the Source of Abundance and Prosperity, yet I continue working the long hours, counting days to the next payday. Funy how one area impacts another which impacts another and so one. Tomorrow is holiday and my thoughts were to try to use this day for much overdue Spiritual work personal projects that I have not had any time to reserach and work on and now I have already been asked to maybe work tomorrow. So I guess my vibration of needing to work so much to make extra money is creating more work for me to work. Funny how that works and then trying to “feel” my way out of this…..

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