Money and the Law of Attraction – 2/20/2012

Abraham: Whenever you feel negative emotion, that is your Emotional Guidance System giving you an indication that you are, in that moment, looking at negative aspects of something, and in doing so, you are depriving yourself of something wanted.

    If you will set an intention to look for positive aspects in whatever you are giving attention to, you will begin to immediately see the evidence of the lifting of patterns of resistance as the Universe is then allowed, by your shift in vibration, to deliver your long-wanted desires to you.  –  page 190 – 191, Money and the Law of Attraction

It is at times difficult to accept responsibility knowing that I am blocking my own good (desires) because I choose to entertain and continue to give attention to the negative circumstances and situations instead of seeing past the undesired and see the Light in the darkness of the Desired….

I am trying to be more aware of “seeing” evidence that my thinking, feeling and vibrations are going in the correct direction. But I also have seen other evidence of my current vibration, not related to my desires but more of just where I am currently (Ex: A friend has asked me to help her learn English, and now within the past couple of days two more friends have approached me with the same interest in learning English better, neither of them knows I am currently helping a friend. So I guess its kind of obvious one of the currently active vibrations. I am sure just like an antenna, we can “vibrate” at multiple frequencies in different areas of our lives. Some areas “working as desired” while other areas needing “much work”! But I am aware of the most prominent active vibration and that is of “Lack” as I see lack in many areas of my life even down to my Blackberry constantly running our of memory, even after deleting an app very little space if freed and then I am back to being out of memory again and thus delete another app. Yes, small but an obvious indicator of that “Lack” vibration. And a source of daily frustration as I do not have money to upgrade to a newer device which has more memory. Yes, I will acknowledge that the correct thinking in this situation is I should be “feeling good” about having the new the Blackberry I desire. Yes, while small compared to the larger problems but a good place to start in building Faith, Hope, Confidence in the Source. Granted all the undesired is also evidence of the Source working on the lower vibrations…time to start “tweaking”!

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