Science of Mind – 2/22/2012

Be Careful What You Ask For

How often have you been completely clear that you wanted to have a perfect job or relationship? How often have you gotten this “special thing” and it turned out to be a huge challenge? One of the important lessons of my life has been to stop “outlining.” By that I mean to cease being so specific about my requests of Spirit that there is no room for divine intervention. I can actually track the number of times I had to have something and the universe, which always says yes, gave me exactly what I wanted. *What I got was the reflection of my current consciousness.* The good news is that I have always been a manifester and so amazing adventures appeared. The interesting news is that every belief came into form. Where I felt limited, my life reflected back lack.

The world reflects consciousness. Please remember that desires often reflect beliefs. I spoke about wholeness, but I believed in scarcity. I believe the perfect prayer is to ask for the highest and best for our lives.

Examine what you are “wanting.” Then, invite Spirit to expand you and give you the highest and best for your life.

From the Daily Guides by Rev. Cynthia James, SOM Feb 2012.

How many times have I been standing in line at the Spiritual Customer Service Counter saying “Uh, THIS is not what I ordered / asked for” but obvious where I was at that moment in time & vibration, it was!
The biggest challenge now is I find myself stepping back and looking at my life overall and ask “How the hell did I end up here?” That is a difficult pill (and big) knowing that “I” put myself here by sloppy thinking and luke warm desires or just desires I did Believe I could have and thus just accepted the current situation as the best I was going to get. But I know there is better and I can have better, I just need to BELIEVE better!
So now that what I have now is definitely what I do not want, I am struggling with getting a clearer picture of what I do want….I see the pieces but not yet the Whole…..

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