Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 2/28/2012

The best way to accomplish an improved environment is to focus upon the best things about where you currently are until you flood your own vibrational patterns of thought with appreciation, and in that changed vibration, you can then allow the new-and-improved conditions and circumstances to come into your experience.

Look for good things about where you are, and in your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations (and all limitations are self-imposed) and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness” # 363

Now, trying to find “good things” through the “Ick” is not an easy task but I have been trying and everything little thing or thought that I can find that helps me “feel good/better” I hold on to and milk it fir as long as I can before the next phone call, message, or person brings more stress/challenges/problems. Its almost like a feeling of being trapped and every time I try to “escape” I am caught and brought back. Which brings me to the “self-imposed limitations” where the key word here is “Self-Imposed” so reading this leads me to believe that “I” am my own captor and guard! Another difficult pill to swallow when on the outside its everything and everyone else but in reality I created (consciously AND unconsciously) this mess! Now I have to step back and take in the while picture that is my current situation & circumstances and just like playing “Gardens of Time” got to find the hidden items (things to feel good and grateful) in this mess and only focus on this until more things appear to also feel and show appreciation and gratitude for. The challenge will be find a calm place to reside and not allow myself to have such strong negative emotional reaction to the undesired things in my life for all I am doing when I do is ”feeding” them and thus will only continue to bring me more of the same undesirable circumstances and situations. Easy to say, harder to do….but must be done!

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