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Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 4/30/2012

What I think and feel and what I get are always a match. And so, if I want something different than what I’ve been getting, I have to, somehow, generate different feelings.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, July 26th, 1997 # 426

Another “reminder” of needing to “feel good” to have MORE things to feel good about!


The Secret – 4/29/2012

Happiness is a state of being, and comes from the inside of you. By the law of attraction you must become on the inside what you want on the outside. You are either choosing to be happy now, or you are making up excuses for not choosing to be happy. But there are no excuses for the law.

And I know that I am guilty of allowing what is happening on the outside to affect how I feel on the inside AND using this as the excuse not to feel good/happy. Which, just keeps feeding into itself more and more things/situations/circumstances to not be happy about. And unfortunately this negative perpetual motion machine has gained a lot of momentum and going to be “challenging” to put on the emotional & mental brakes and get this slowed down and going in the opposite direction….and it is messages like this that are very much needed as reminders!

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The Secret – 4/28/2012

The reason you have to love You is because it is impossible to feel good if you don’t love You. When you feel bad about yourself, you are blocking all the love and all the good that the Universe has for you. (The Secret, page 120)

And I can be my own worse critic too! I know Loving myself goes hand in hand with “Feeling Good”…..

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 4/28/2012

When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. Reach for the thought that feels better, And allow the natural Well-Being that is yours.

— Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Detroit, MI on Saturday, September 27th, 2003

And I seem to be “stuck” in the garbage loop of doing this, even to where I catch my mental dialog of doing this while getting ready in the morning’s for work, and catch myself doing it again during mental dialog before going to my part time job at night. When this mental dialog time could be more productive by reaching for that “better thought” instead of “beating the drum” about how exhausted I am working so many long hours and still not having enough money to meet all my financial obligations, let alone the things I want, need and desire to be doing instead of working. The challenge that I am having is “finding” that better thought without falling into the trap of dwelling of the lack of thing(s) that I would feel good if I had them now while reaching for that better feeling.  (I hope that made sense!)  So I need to spend more time “Working of that Better Feeling” so I will spend less time needing to work…..

The Secret Scrolls – 4/23/2012

From The Secret Daily Teachings

Remember, if you are criticizing, you are not being grateful. If you are blaming, you are not being grateful. If you are complaining, you are not being grateful. If you are feeling tension, you are not being grateful. If you are rushing, you are not being grateful. If you are in a bad mood, you are not being grateful.

Gratitude can transform your life. Are you allowing minor things to get in the way of your transformation and the life you deserve?
May the joy be with you,
Rhonda Byrne

Well, I can honestly say and admit that I am feeling much tension (have the headache as proof); feeling rushed to get things done with so many demands being made upon me (even now got asked to work tonight); and lack of sleep because of headache & demands to work more and more has me in a bad mood (irritable) and what am I doing…complaining about it! None of which is being or feeling grateful! It so easy to get caught up in the day to day “stuff” and forget about what and WHO we are and that This is not how we were meant to exist….so it is good to have these reminders to help us to re-focus on the “Stuff” that is important and then the little stuff will just fade away…..

The Secret – 4/23/2012

Sometimes I receive an inspiration for a powerful practice we can do that rolls up every aspect of the law of attraction into one simple step. And then I wonder how it could be that I had never thought of it before! Recently I received just such an idea, and I’ve been practicing it to see how powerful it is. It not only works, it’s simple, only takes seconds to do, and you will see the results within 24 hours! Here it is:

Think about tomorrow. Get a picture in your mind, and see yourself tomorrow, incredibly happy, smiling, excited, full of joy, and on top of the world! Watch your imagined picture for about 30 seconds. And that’s it!

Every time I have done this practice, I have been incredibly happy the next day, and as I kept practicing it each day, my level of happiness kept increasing. Think about it. If you’re happy you can only attract happy things, right? And unless everything in your day is going brilliantly, you wouldn’t be happy. So just a few seconds of focusing on happiness today will completely change your tomorrow! – Rhonda Byrne

A good message to start the week off with AND to see if the rest of the week can be made better and better with each passing day….

The Secret Scrolls – 4/17/2012

From The Secret Daily Teachings

You cannot bring what you want to you if you are feeling stress. Stress or any tension at all is something you have to remove from your system.

You must let the stress go – it is the only way you can bring what you want. The emotion of stress is saying strongly that you do NOT have what you want. Stress or tension is the absence of faith, and so to remove it all you have to do is increase your faith!
May the joy be with you,
Rhonda Byrne

I hate to admit it but STRESS has become a “normal” state now! It is almost like part of me feels like I have to “feel” stress over all the problems, challenges, etc…or if not then these problems are being ignored and therefore will not be “fixed”. Yet, I continue feeling stress and worry and the problems continue to multiply as well as the stress! I have gotten myself so dug in to the “ICK” that I do see nor “feel” the way out….but I know the stress is what is keeping me stuck and have to find some way to free myself from feeling stress so that I can free myself from and of the things causing the stress. I need to let go of trying to fix things that I cannot fix physically or trying to put out fires that are bigger than me (the little me) and let the Big ME take the helm and guide me to calmer seas….the seas of Joy & Peace & Abundance!

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