Science of Mind – 5/14/2012

When you serve the One, you serve a living idea in Universal Mind. Because it is a living idea, it is self-energized and does not require energy from outside sources in order to evolve. This is an important concept.

I have served many things in my life: I have built and developed businesses to generate income, I have served individual people to get love or acceptance, and I have served my own personal desires to receive material goods. In every circumstance where my intention was other than serving the One, or serving God, or Life, after some periods of time I found myself bored, dissatisfied, tired, and worn out. After I entered this teaching, I discovered why—each and every one of these ventures required energy from an outside source in order for it to flourish. That outside source, more times than not, was me. Isn’t it interesting that Dr. Holmes refers to illness as something that is not an entity and therefore requires energy from the individual in order to exist? Isn’t it interesting that hospitals beds are filled with patients who are generally worn out and tired? One might wonder where their energy has gone. It has gone to feed the illness. And so it is in every other aspect of life. When we serve something that is not the One, it requires our energy in order for it to thrive.

I have learned to test whether an idea is “living” or not. After it is up and running for awhile, I put it aside and leave it alone. After a period, I return to it; if it is still there and thriving, I recognize that its existence is not dependent upon me, and therefore it is being fed by something greater. I have done this with businesses, relationships, jobs, investments, and yes, health. It is an exercise that I use in order to wake up. A living idea in the Mind of God always inspires, motivates, and energizes me. A living idea in the mind of Kenn often does the same, but is never sustainable without me feeding it. It isn’t that one is right and one is wrong—it’s simply that one is sustainable and one is limited. This is why I serve the One. It makes sense, and it pays off.

From Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon’s “On the Path of the Global Heart” column, SOM May 2012.

Something to think about as we start another week….

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