Abraham – Stop embracing the things you think you should

This one I definitely needed to hear to help put my troubled heart and mind finally at ease and stop blaming myself for something that is not my fault nor my problem. Long story short, I had a “friend” who lost their job ask me for help (money) and they said that if I was not able to help they understood. Well, with all that is going on in my financial life (and I explained this to them) I was not able to help. Some time passed and I wrote to ask if everything was okay, no response. Finally saw them online yesterday afternoon and asked how everything was going and that I was a concerned. They pretty much told me off saying why was I worried about them when I refused to help them and basically accused me a being a bad person and to not ever talk to them again. Huh? What? So…not able to help = refused to help which = not allowed to have concern. Wow, so much for “understanding not being able to help”. But as much as tried to push this aside it bothered me but I know it just comes down to trying to behave in a way that makes someone else feel good when THIS IS NOT RESPONSOBILITY! They are responsible for their own happiness and they choose to be angry and bitter towards everyone who “refused” to help them then that is on them and not me. And so hearing this finally helped clear up that last bit of unfounded guilt I was feeling.  So I am happy that I was drawn to this much needed to hear clip.

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