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Everything is Energy….

Now if there was only such thing as a Spiritual Frequency Counter…oh wait….there is….Our Emotions!

Working with radio equipment and communications and their proper frequency alignments at both jobs (both of them) and my hobby (Amateur Radio) I understand very well the concept of “correct frequency”. Now I need to work on my “Alignment”!



What Are Its Positive Aspects?

Abraham: Whenever you feel negative emotion, that is your Emotional guidance System giving you an indication that you are, in that moment, looking at negative aspects of something, and in doing so, you are depriving yourself of something wanted.

If you will set an intention to look for positive aspects in whatever you are giving your attention to, you will begin to immediately see the evidence of the lifting of patterns of resistance as the Universe is then allowed, by your shift in vibration, to deliver your long-wanted desires to you.

From the book “Money, and the Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks (pages 190-191)

Well, I am sure lately my “Emotional Guidance System” is off the scale with the way I have been “feeling” and the corresponding thoughts. And hoping these posts today is and will help me redirect my thoughts and feelings away from looking at what is currently my life experience and to what I desire to be my life experience! One thing I know that is absent in my life is “something” or “someone” of positve influence and energy to help charge the spiritual batteries for I seem to be the “source” for others which over time can be draining when I don’t get to recharge or have an open source from which to charge myself or get the time for me to recharge myself. But also a drain are the “challenges and problems” that like spoiled children always seem to find ways to bring my attention back to them! Just like the nagging thoughts now that I need to check the mailbox from this past week and have that anxiety of what will be waiting for me this time. I know from The Secret how it was said to expect a check when checking the mail, but that unfortunately does not seem to work for me, the anxiety over what I KNOW is usally waiting for me is stronger than the feeling of imagining checks in the mail! Of course when I know a check is really coming then it is a little different feeling, but since they are usually not life changing amounts of the checks (that is a nice thought) the milking of that feeling is short lived.  But I am working at getting a better understanding and trying to be more aware of my emotions and the thoughts that trigger them. Ironically, I have gotten into such a habit of feeling anxiety, fear and worry (partly due to thei past realtionship with my son’s mother) that when I am not feeling fear, worry, and anxiety I “feel” like the problems are not getting “solved” yet I conscioulsy KNOW that fear, worry, and anxiety is not going to solve my problems but only serves to feed into and keep the problems active. So as I recognize the fear, worry, and anxiety emotions I try to smooth them into “feeling general” so at least (hopefully) no more energy is given to that which is not desired.

Now another challenge is a “starting point” from where to “feel general/better” for I find my thoughts leap frogging around so much from whatever is the current dominate thought / situation and thus never spend any significant amount of time to allow the good feeling to take hold long enough to affect the needed change in vibration/direction. So looking for a place to go to in thought and emotion to start regardless of what is demanding the focus at that particular moment in time. (I hope this made sense, it does in my mind just hope it is understood in my writing).  As I think back years ago when I was a teenager working in a grocery store and during those long nights when I had to work the cash register when things got busy (which I hated) I found that when I hummed the theme from the Indiana Jones movies, it charged me up enough to get through my shift. Who would have thought that even before I even knew about the LoA and “feelimg good” I was already practicing it to a degree.  I can also remember several instances when I was younger where I (with childlike belief) successfully manifested what I desired. If only we could hold on to that same depth of belief as we get older….but these will be things that I will be sure my son learns and knows, but daddy has to get himself to where he can be the living example for my Little Man…..

Think Your Troubles Away

Happiness stems from a way of thinking and not from any external factor. Your emotions and their resultant effects are not controlled by outward conditions, but by your inner direction of them. As much as you would like to believe that your state of health is determined by things outside yourself, you have now been told by leading authorities that even 100% of your physical ailments, in many respects, have their origin in the way you think.

It might be said that each thought you have, good or bad, is a seed that is planted in fertile soil and grows and produces fruit according to the basic idea imbedded in it. Regardless of the nature of your present experience in daily living, in some way or other you can trace that experience back to a thought-seed that you have planted and nourished with you own consciousness!

Yes, thoughts are things. So, if you find that your life is not all that you would have it be, it becomes necessary to change your patterns of thinking. You need to uproot those undesireable thoughts you have planted and replace them with others more to your liking.

This may sound simple, and it is. But in order to do this there needs to be an understanding of who you are, what you are, and the nature of the universe in which you live. The world in which you live does operate in a harmonious and lawful manner. And it is only by understanding the laws of life that you may be able to cooperate with them and use them to your advantage rather than disadvantage.

To make full and constructive use of the axiom “Thoughts are things” requires that you come to realize that there is a Power in the Universe greater than you are, and that you can use It. This Power can and does always respond to you, but only in the manner in which you actually use It, not in the manner you would just like to have It respond.

From the book “Think Your Troubles Away” by Ernest Homes (Introduction xii-xiii)

I’ll Focus on What I Want in a Relationship

What it comes down to is, you must find a way of offering a Vibration that matches the relationship that you want instead of the relationship that you have. You have to ignore the absence of the relationship you are seeking, or ignore the presence of the unwanted relationship that you have, before you can get to the relationship that you want. And that is the tricky part. You must make what you want a more dominant part of your Vibration than what you have; and once you are consistently doing that, what you want and what you have will intertwine, and you will be living your desire. In other words, until you have tended to the relationship between what you desire and the chronic thoughts you think – until you have tended to the relationship between the Non-Physical You and the physical you _ no other relationship can be satisfying.

The Vortex – Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships (page 78)

Part of my posting this is the Lack of a satisfying romantic relationship in my life and a chronic unsatisfying relationship a close friend is having, but mostly the latter as I just got another “I am sad in my relationship” message. Unfortunately she knows nothing about the Law of Attraction / Abraham-Hicks so I cannot say or share the above information in a way that she would understand, plus it is her life, her decisons to make and if she wants to continue the breaking up, going back again, breaking up again, going back again, breaking up again cycle (which has been becoming more frequent these past couple of weeks). But it does hurt me to see her continue in this loop but then I myself have not ye been able to be living proof of the above words, so I would not be a place to talk about it and be believable…yet!

But ironically it is because of my poor choices in past relationships which also led to my financial problems. For some reason in my experience relationships and finances have been greatly intertwined. So it seems I have to stay out of serious relationships to recover financially but yet as soon as I get romantically involved again, my finances suffer again. But yet even as I work to recover financially (yet again) I cannot ignore the longing of my heart to know real true love, not the possessive manipulative love that seems to have become the norm lately. But I do know (NOW) that the first Love that must be taken care of is the Love of myself, for if there is no love for self there can be no real love for others. But what I seem to attract are those that love for them and their needs must ALWAYS come before anything and anyone else and any failure to comply with their needs is met much attempts to make me feel guilty, feel selfish, feel unworthy, the list goes on depending on the person.

Just a brief history (I could write a book if I went into all the details of the soap opera that was my last relationship with my son’s mother): Everything was good and happy until she grew impatient with our marriage plans (she lives in another country) but I kept her up to date with all that I was doing but while I was working on this she was seeing another man who told her that if I truly loved her she would already be here and married, so she left me for the other man and got married. But she ended up in a sexless and loveless marriage and reached out to me asking for a second chance and because there was still love in my heart for her, I did and then saw her for who she really was, spoiled and selfish and endless complaining and demands which created more financial problems and problems in my job (both jobs) but she didn’t see the problem(s) she was creating in my life for her eyes this is the way it was supposed to be , realtionships were supposed to be hard. Again, I am being brief, but she is now back in her country with my son, and now I got this mess she left in my life to clean up before I am where I can be to properly take care of my son here. What is even more ironic is that she knew what all I went through with woman I dated before her and yet she goes and does almost the same thing to me! (Actually I do plan to write a book about this and all I have been through when I get time again.  Technically it has already been started during that recovering time when she left me and when I took her back in my life) I accept responsibilty for making the decision to give her a second chance and accept her back in my life and the high price I paid and am STILL paying! But in my video message I record for my son, daddy ha promised him that all will be made correct in my life so that daddy can bring him home here where he belongs. There are many days I hear the Will Smith song “Just the Two of Us” in my head when thinking about my son, for there are days, like today when all that matter is him and me….and until I can get my “realtionship vibration” correctly tuned I just need to focus on getting my financial house in order….but of course that does not stop the calling of the lonely heart….I once asked if there was a Univeral Affirmation that covered all areas of ones life and one day I actually found it! And then I lost it…had not quite commited it to memory yet and can’t remember where I found it, but hopefully I can find it again!

But back on topic, I know relationships extend beyond those romantic in nature, but other day to day relationships as well. And I know some of those currently in my life are showing me what I want and don’t want in a realtionship, I just got to keep reminding myself that the ones giving me the desire are NOT the ones to fulfill that desire! I also know that those in our lives serve as mirrors to who we are and I “see” several mirros that are in need of change!

Empire Avenue

There is a site called Empire Avenue and there you can build virtual wealth by how active you are in Social Media as well as activitty on the site itself. My profile is here:

I joined this site more than just for the “game” but for helping me “FEEL” abundant and enjoy virtual wealth. Ironically I did find that when I did poorly on the site, I also felt “poor” in the real world but now that I amfinally over (one) of the plateaus that I was stuck on for quite some time, I find that currently I am having difficulty “feeling” abundant, granted even how my increasing work load has kept me from making as many posts here as I would like, it also has kept me from playing the game of building my virtual wealth. But fortunately I have been having enough day to day (automatic) social activity that has kept my virtual stock price and Divs constant enough that I have regular stock purchases. Me and friend who also played the game always joked about how much the Eavs would be worth in real dollars or even better if we had the amount of Eavs in actually dollars.

There is a Law of Attraction Community on this site and it was started with this same premise, about who was playing to help get into the feeling of Abundance to help manifest wealth in the real world. Unfortunately it has gone dormant with no posts or quite some time. Here is the link to that Community:

I do not know if anyone who has been following my posts here know about this site or have seen it or tried it but wanted to mention it as a possible tool to help “feel” abundant. There are several other tools that I try to use to help me feel abundant and I will post them here over time as well as I how I use (or have used) them.


Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 9/30/3012

The thoughts that you think will –  wanted or not wanted – eventually become manifestation if your vibrational accord is sufficient enough… And so, you could say, as you’re launching thoughts of appreciation and things that make you feel good, that you’re filling yourVibrational Escrowfull of all kinds of things that are going to please you when you get there.

— Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Sacramento, CA on Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

It is (unfortunately) apparent that the “not wanted” thoughts are still the dominant thoughts I entertain on a daily basis, and the irritability that I have been feeling these past couple of days hav served as a reminder of this but also helping me to realize this as well and trying to slow down and eventually stop the flow of “not wanted” thoughts and make the “wanted” thoughts more prominant in my day to day thinking.

And again last night I got a much needed reminder that I can only and must only depend on myself to feel good, even when I need the comfort of another, I have to realize that that “other” has to be to “Me”. The irritability had reached such a level that it was affecting me physically, so sent a text message to a friend asking if they could be online some time later last night after I got home to see them, talk, maybe get a virtual hug to try to take the edge off. Well, got no reply (which is normal) but sent another text message when I got home and I waited, and waited, and then saw they had updated photos on their Facebook page but yet no reply to my messages or coming online to talk. So, seeing this unfortunately did not help my feeling of irriatbility. And I know the next time that they will be online, I will get the usual excuses of being too tired, too busy, too sick, or something else. So again, I have to be the one who understands, who is patient, but stil expected to be their for them (and others) and made to feel guilty if I am not or fail to respond. Just like yesterday, another friend was trying to talk to me online but I was busy at work and did not see thier messages until I stopped to take a break to get something to eat. But saw in their later messages asking me why was I not responding. So why is it other’s do not understand when I am (really) busy and yet I am supposed to understand when they are busy? I know i am off on tangent today but it leads me to want to figure out how did I manifest these circumstances and drawn these persons into my life. But yet I know dwelling on this, trying to figure this out is only giving more attention to it and therefore only draw more of this to me. But when you are feeling alone and lonely, and add to that missing my son as it is only a few more days that he turns 11 months (which means 11 months since I last saw him and held him in my arms and talked to him) and working many long hours and feeling growing irritabilty and then having no one to talk to because everyone is busy or tired or some other excuse…it is very “challenging” to find the better feeling thoughts…of course not impossible….BUT VERY “Challenging”!

At least I did not have to work as was originally asked of me earlier in the week, but I am on stand-by IF needed to come to work, so I am hoping to use this time for ME and the needed inner work and also watch yesterday’s Live Workshop from yesterday again. The irritability was so “loud” yesterday that I was not able to “hear” Abraham’s message so it was more like background noise while I was busy working yesterday.

The weather is very nice today and would be good to take an long overdue walk on the boardwalk at the beach, but the Neptune Festival is going on this weekend, so not the best time to go, plus I am still on Stand By for work too, but this is something that is long overdue.

I apologize if I seemed to ramble on here on this post, but with having no one to talk with as I needed last night, I guess I “talked” some here. Thank you for listening!

Science of Mind – 9/30/2012

It is written, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” This Divine Visitor, which is your True Self, and which is That Which I Am, is both the one who stands at the door and knocks, and the one who opens the door.

It is the glory of this recognition which has given to the enlightened true mastership. Do not look, then, for masters outside…. I Am in the midst of you is might to heal, to comfort, and to prosper. I have come to arouse you from your long dream of separation, from your night of despair. The dawn has come. The sun of truth rises over the horizon of ignorance. The light dissipates the darkness. The morning dew is upon the petals. They glisten in the sun. I Am that sun of truth dwelling within the sanctuary of your heart. I Am the morning star, guiding you to the manger of your salvation, wherein lies the child born from your own consciousness. This inner life is your only savior, the creator of your destiny, the arbiter of your faith.

From “God—Your Silent Partner,” SOM 9/12, excerpted from *Your Invisible Power* by Ernest Holmes.

Abraham-Hicks: Before Doing It, Align With It!

Abraham Hicks – Stop Expecting Others To Provide Answers For You

I know I have heard this seminar before and ironic how this one was at the top of the list of recommended videos when today is when I needed to “hear” this again!

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 9/29/2012

Our Varied Behavior Adds to the Planet’s Well-Being…  When you remember that nothing can come into your experience without your Vibrational invitation of it, then you do the simple work of paying attention to your own Vibrational offering, and you save yourself the enormous and impossible task of controlling the behavior of others. When you remember that the varied behavior of others adds to the balance and the Well-Being of your planet even if they offer behavior that you do not approve of; and that you do not have to participate in the unwanted behavior, and will not – unless you give your attention to it – you become more willing to allow others to live as they choose.

— Abraham Excerpted from the book, “The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

I just signed up for today’s Live Event and then read today’s Daily LoA Quotation which brings further to light that I need to stop giving attenton to other’s and their behavior or my wanting them to behave/respond in a certain way (which I constantly get disappointed time and time again _ I will eventually learn this lesson) but yet expect me to behave in a certain to make them feel good.  I stumbled across a quote one day that basically said (not the exact words of the quote) “Stop giving priority service to those who just get around to you when it is convenient for them”. And the funny thing is that when you stop giving that priority servive and step and watch and nothing changes, you wonder why was I giving them this priority service when it obviously didn’t matter to them to notice that the priority service had stopped. And this has been becoming more and more apparent and I find myself turning more and more to caring about those who I should always be giving priority service too and that is myself and my son who is depending on his daddy to be where he needs to be so that his daddy can bring him home…to a home with backyard and all the things that his daddy wants to share and expose him too to give him a better and stronger foundation than his daddy had. Of course nothing is gained in beating myself up in wasting so much time in directing the priority service to others instead of where it needed to be but I do occasionally fall into the mode of thinking and guilt, I try not to stay there and spend much time there and just work on making things as they should be….and try to remind myself that “Life is supposed to be fun!”

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