Empire Avenue

There is a site called Empire Avenue and there you can build virtual wealth by how active you are in Social Media as well as activitty on the site itself. My profile is here:


I joined this site more than just for the “game” but for helping me “FEEL” abundant and enjoy virtual wealth. Ironically I did find that when I did poorly on the site, I also felt “poor” in the real world but now that I amfinally over (one) of the plateaus that I was stuck on for quite some time, I find that currently I am having difficulty “feeling” abundant, granted even how my increasing work load has kept me from making as many posts here as I would like, it also has kept me from playing the game of building my virtual wealth. But fortunately I have been having enough day to day (automatic) social activity that has kept my virtual stock price and Divs constant enough that I have regular stock purchases. Me and friend who also played the game always joked about how much the Eavs would be worth in real dollars or even better if we had the amount of Eavs in actually dollars.

There is a Law of Attraction Community on this site and it was started with this same premise, about who was playing to help get into the feeling of Abundance to help manifest wealth in the real world. Unfortunately it has gone dormant with no posts or quite some time. Here is the link to that Community:


I do not know if anyone who has been following my posts here know about this site or have seen it or tried it but wanted to mention it as a possible tool to help “feel” abundant. There are several other tools that I try to use to help me feel abundant and I will post them here over time as well as I how I use (or have used) them.


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