What Are Its Positive Aspects?

Abraham: Whenever you feel negative emotion, that is your Emotional guidance System giving you an indication that you are, in that moment, looking at negative aspects of something, and in doing so, you are depriving yourself of something wanted.

If you will set an intention to look for positive aspects in whatever you are giving your attention to, you will begin to immediately see the evidence of the lifting of patterns of resistance as the Universe is then allowed, by your shift in vibration, to deliver your long-wanted desires to you.

From the book “Money, and the Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks (pages 190-191)

Well, I am sure lately my “Emotional Guidance System” is off the scale with the way I have been “feeling” and the corresponding thoughts. And hoping these posts today is and will help me redirect my thoughts and feelings away from looking at what is currently my life experience and to what I desire to be my life experience! One thing I know that is absent in my life is “something” or “someone” of positve influence and energy to help charge the spiritual batteries for I seem to be the “source” for others which over time can be draining when I don’t get to recharge or have an open source from which to charge myself or get the time for me to recharge myself. But also a drain are the “challenges and problems” that like spoiled children always seem to find ways to bring my attention back to them! Just like the nagging thoughts now that I need to check the mailbox from this past week and have that anxiety of what will be waiting for me this time. I know from The Secret how it was said to expect a check when checking the mail, but that unfortunately does not seem to work for me, the anxiety over what I KNOW is usally waiting for me is stronger than the feeling of imagining checks in the mail! Of course when I know a check is really coming then it is a little different feeling, but since they are usually not life changing amounts of the checks (that is a nice thought) the milking of that feeling is short lived.  But I am working at getting a better understanding and trying to be more aware of my emotions and the thoughts that trigger them. Ironically, I have gotten into such a habit of feeling anxiety, fear and worry (partly due to thei past realtionship with my son’s mother) that when I am not feeling fear, worry, and anxiety I “feel” like the problems are not getting “solved” yet I conscioulsy KNOW that fear, worry, and anxiety is not going to solve my problems but only serves to feed into and keep the problems active. So as I recognize the fear, worry, and anxiety emotions I try to smooth them into “feeling general” so at least (hopefully) no more energy is given to that which is not desired.

Now another challenge is a “starting point” from where to “feel general/better” for I find my thoughts leap frogging around so much from whatever is the current dominate thought / situation and thus never spend any significant amount of time to allow the good feeling to take hold long enough to affect the needed change in vibration/direction. So looking for a place to go to in thought and emotion to start regardless of what is demanding the focus at that particular moment in time. (I hope this made sense, it does in my mind just hope it is understood in my writing).  As I think back years ago when I was a teenager working in a grocery store and during those long nights when I had to work the cash register when things got busy (which I hated) I found that when I hummed the theme from the Indiana Jones movies, it charged me up enough to get through my shift. Who would have thought that even before I even knew about the LoA and “feelimg good” I was already practicing it to a degree.  I can also remember several instances when I was younger where I (with childlike belief) successfully manifested what I desired. If only we could hold on to that same depth of belief as we get older….but these will be things that I will be sure my son learns and knows, but daddy has to get himself to where he can be the living example for my Little Man…..

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