The Secret Daily Teachings – 10/7/2012

The shortcut to anything you want is to BE and FEEL happy now! It is the fastest way to bring money and anything else you want. Focus on radiating out into the Universe those feelings of joy. When you do, you will attract more joy, which will not only include an abundance of money, but everything else you are wanting.
( The Secret Daily Teachings)

I do not know why Sunday’s seem to be the most emotionally challenging day, the day I feel the most lonely and frustrated, and knowing this, and since I was not having to work today I was wanting to take a much needed walk on the boadrwalk at the beach….and today the weather is not good for doing this…but I cannot allow this to be an excuse for not trying to find other ways and means to “feel good” or at least “feel” general so that I am not down in the emotional muck…like focusing on the relationship my heart desires, freedom from debt and always enough money in bank, more leisure time to enjoy my hobbies and interests, finally have my own vehicle again (of course full of all the Amateur Radio equipment I want lol), my own house with a nice backyard for my son to run and play in….

And these and other things I need to find a way to write about in my “The PLAN” journal so that it “FEELS” real and not just words laying flat on the screen without any life or any feeling of them being possible. This is why I ended up stoppng before and have not yet reseumed because the words just layed there lifeless…in fact as I was taking out the trash, this came to mind of how I can again begin this daily writing in such a way that I writing about not so much about what I desire but that I am writing about things as if they already exist and happening now…the existing circumstances are growing emotionally painful and mentally and spiritually exhausting and need to make changes in my life NOW! Espeically knowing and feeling in my heart more and more every day my son calling for and needing his daddy! If nothing else THAT should be a big motivator for daddy….

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