Science of Mind – 1/22/2013

Letting go of blame and embracing forgiveness are central. It’s a way of repacking our luggage for the journey ahead, leaving out the stuff that often weighs us down. It will also help to eliminate any blind spots that prevent us from seeing the lessons of the past. Beginning anew includes awakening to our ability to change, change, and change again. We all want transformation; but do we really want to change?

Some of us can offer personal testimony as to exactly how pain keeps pushing until vision pulls. Too often, we find ourselves rewinding the same old movie, mesmerized by the past. Not only are we captivated by past pain and suffering, we think everyone else should be as well. Consequently, we fill our airwaves with enhanced tales of our history and how awful it was.

It’s time for us to flip the switch and begin to narrow our focus to the possibilities available now. That’s all: begin from right *now*.

From Rev. Andriette Earl’s From the Inside Out column, SOM Jan 2013.

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