Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 4/24/2013

A bunch of weak people, even in numbers, aren’t strong. Get a whole bunch of confused people together and see how much clarity comes out of it. In other words, you just can’t add one more confused person to the pot, and expect to get any more clarity… One—standing outside of the confused group—who is clear, is more powerful than a million who are confused.

— Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Albuquerque, NM on Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

Now…if only I can “remove” myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually…and a lot of times…physically from these that are confised….but I know my vibration had to be such that I am NOT a vibrational match the to confused and sad masses. Late last night as I got home (after midnight again) from my second job and saw yet another “I am sad and disappointed….” message from another friend I said to myself I need to be free from all these sad people, they are sucking the lifeforce out of me and leaving nothing for me….BUT the irony is that because of how LOA works…I have to vibrationally be THERE first to be THERE physically! So to be free of sad people I have to find ways to not give attention to THEM and let their lower vibration suck/pull be down vibrationally.,..which I know I am “feeling” already, why I feel drained and moody but like the person feeling physical pain I need to find away to “feel good” in spite of those around me “leaning” on me for pity (and seeing me/wanting me to be their personal ATM) which I know my “need” for money vibration is attracting people “needing” money but they seeing me as source instead of seeing the Real Source….There  is more I want to write about this but work is distracting me/demanding my attention….but there will be more about this later as time and focus permit.

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