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ABRAHAM HICKS Can’t Afford Abraham’s Cruise

Abraham Hicks ~ What will happen to Abraham’s workshops when Esther croaks?

A question I am sure many us who follow Esther-Abraham asks and wonders….

Ignore Reality….


Abraham Hicks – Make Alignment… A Game

Abraham Hicks – Bridging Belief and Desire

Abraham Hicks ~ When you can’t hear infinite intelligence!

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 5/21/2013

Someone asked us recently, “Is there any limitation to the body’s ability to heal?” And we said, “None other than the belief that you hold.” And he said, “Then why aren’t people growing new limbs?” And we said, “Because no one believes that they can.”




Excerpted from the workshop in San Rafael, CA on February 27, 1999

This is well timed as I do battle with the latest physical ailment (pain). And finding the better feeling thoughts right now has been very challenging with this pain that pain meds only knock down to a dull ache level…but yet still dragging myself to work. But I am going to try to not dwell upon this or the pain but only the things that would make me feel good!

Science of Mind – 5/21/2013

The longing of the soul is not a reaching out for something we have somehow lost or that we lack, but rather it is a desire for conscious union with Life. We cannot lose or lack this union, for Life is always present. It is infinite and eternal. In the stillness of our being, we can sense the inner connection.

When we feel a sense of longing, when the soul is restless, we are being guided to enter into silent communion with the divine Presence—the source and essence of all that exists.

From the Daily Guides by Kathy Juline, SOM May 2013.

And I have been feeling a longing, almost to the point of feeling tears in my eyes…but as usual due to the endless demands of the day and work I just push this longing aside instead of ALLOWING it! I am sure because I am giving so much of me and my time and energy to work and others leaving (making) no time for me that longing is Source calling to re-connect to who I AM….unfortunately work and people don’t stop calling until their needs/demands/tasks are met and satisfied but the list never seems to ever end. But got to find a way to stop the barrage of work demands, people demands, what-is to make/have time for me! In fact this latest physical ailment I wonder is Source’s way to slow my pace down a little to give more attention to what/who is important!

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 5/20/2013

Be glad that you don’t have instant manifestation. This buffer of time is really your friend. It’s your opportunity to observe and to ponder and to visualize, and to remember. It’s your opportunity to take an Emotional Journey that might be different from what you’re actually observing.


Yes, for some things instant manifestation would be bad…M’kay! But after having to pay over $500 for new glasses and now this morning paying a $150 co-pay at the hospital for a medical issue that manifested yesterday morning…and instant manifestation of additional funds to cover these unplanned expenses would be nice and very much needed since now I still got to pay another expense later this week which I did have covered until these additional expenses. Guess this is why I found myself listening to Money and the Law of Attraction audiobook during the weekend. I am trying not to stress over this and just focus on there being money always in the bank to meet every need at every moment of time.
Yes, I have gotten behind again on posts here and I again apologize as I know this is good for daily focus on the Work and staying on The Path.

Abraham Hicks ♥ Love ♥

Again, it amazes me the timing of finding/seeing some of these video clips….its always what I need to hear at that particular moment that this or that very subject is causing me stress/problems/challenges in my life at that very moment. Even though I actually saw this video posted in another’s FB timeline a few days ago (and just now getting around to sharing it here) I have kept this video up and viewed it every day during the weekend.

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