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The Secret – 7/29/2013

As far as the law of attraction is concerned there is only one person in the world – YOU! For the law of attraction the other person is you, and that other person is you, and those other people are you, because whatever you think and feel about anyone else, you bring to YOU.

— Rhonda Byrne from The Power

So as long as maintain these thoughts about those others mentioned in my previous post….I will continue to attract this and more like it into my experience. Funny how this message just popped up on the spiritual radar for me to see….and to share!


Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 7/29/2013

The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is You to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we’re talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We’re talking about the art of being who you really are.

— Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Ashland, OR on Saturday, July 20th, 2002

And this is what I am trying very hard to do right now as I saw someone do something that bothered me AND yet AGAIN someone coming to me asking for me like I am there personal ATM and that I am just supposed to give them all that they need! I think there is sometimes a misconception that working two jobs = a lot of surplus money! Where in reality working two jobs = “needing” more money. I put emphasis on the “needing” because I know this is the dominant vibration thus why circumstances and people keep being attracted to me keeping me “needing” money. Thus why I am trying to take advantage of feeling so fatigue as an excuse not to care / give attention to what is and just keep going through my day as general as I possibly can. So the person who did not something very irritating…I am clicking “IGNORE”! To the person yet again begging for me money even after being told I don’t have it…clicking “IGNORE” and finding other and better things to give my attention to. Easy to say, a bit more challenging to do but hopefully in time these things will lose their momentum and influence in my life making room for ALLOWING what is DESIRED to exist in my experience!

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