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Abraham, I Keep Repeating Same Horror Story About Relationships!

It’s Up to You : Thinking Creatively – 10/21/2013

Volcan Imbabura mirror by Iván Maigua on

Volcan Imbabura mirror by
Iván Maigua

It may be asked: What can we depend upon? Whom can we trust? The answer is: First set our mental and spiritual house in order and then, insofar as possible, make it produce for us the necessary and the beautiful things of life. What can be more practical than to gain the ability to demonstrate in our experience that we can consciously call on a higher Power to do our bidding, whenever our will is in conjunction with Its nature, with the full assurance that It can never withhold our real good from us.

– From It’s Up to You by Ernest Holmes; Chapter – Thinking Creatively, page 97


Abraham Hicks- All About Step 4 & Maintaining High Flying Disc

Abraham Hicks- How does the perfect relationship feel ?

I have grown so weary of having to prove myself time and time again, seeing “Love” being used as a tool of manipulation for others to get what they want, and after jumping through endless hoops only to “see” at the end being told “I just want to be friends!” But I know, as difficult as it is to accept and “see”….”They” are only templates to help me to define what is truly desired….I cannot be truly happy with only the template but must become a vibrational match to the finished product but it is difficult at moments of weakness get wrapped up and try to fill in my own grid with one of those template and then wonder why I keep getting disappointed yet again…and then I REMEMBER why….I got to remember to be selfish and make myself feel good first, feel loved first, feel wealth and abundance first….and then let Source fill in the needed pieces to manifestation. Several person have faded away and I am sure it is because I have, even though some days it does not feel like it, but I have jumped to higher disks leaving those of no benefit other than showing me what I DO NOT want so I can better define what I do want….its not easy, and hurts at times but I know what is waiting for me further down the path and on those even higher disks…..

Abraham Hicks- Perfect Match Feeling Coming!

Abraham Hicks- High Flying Disc vs. Law of Attraction!!

Abraham Hicks- Speed That Universe Responds To Point of Attraction

Abraham Hicks ~ Activate the Vibration of more Money – Rampage

This is a good and much needed reminder for me to take and make time to write in my “The PLAN” Journal how I want and desire my life to be and take my mind off of “What is”. My challenge has been writing AND BELIEVING and FEELING the reality of it…I got discouraged because my “words” felt flat and lifeless and therefore unbelievable….now, I must find a way to breathe new life into these words and my dreams and stop allowing  “what-is” to continue to beat up on me like I have a gorilla on back beating me in the head all day and all night…Now, the real challenge how to make time and have the energy working +12 hour work days now and working all weekend, even less time left for “Me” now…but got to make it happen and WILL MAKE IT SO!

Discover a Richer Life : Using the Law of Mind; A Response to Every Thought – 10/14/2013

Chichen Itza at night by Piotr Nikiel on

Chichen Itza at night by
Piotr Nikiel

There is a Law of Mind in action, Intelligence taking form through Law; and Its action in our experience can only be a result of motivation by our thought.

This probably confuses many, for most people are a little bit superstitious when they come to think of things spiritual, not realizing that everything in the universe has to be governed by law and order; that there would have to be laws of Mind or Spirit, just as there are physical laws. This is why Jesus said it is done unto us as we believe. There is something that does it, but only as we believe; therefore it responds to us by corresponding with our acceptance of it. Now at first this seems a little difficult and hard to accept and it looks as though we couldn’t understand it; but what do we really understand? We do not understand how acorns become oak trees, we do not understand anything other than the way nature works. The why and how, science, philosophy, and religion know nothing about, and these are the only avenues of knowledge we have. if, then we had the same faith in spiritual law that we do and must have in everything we deal with in nature we would have perfect faith, because we wouldn’t doubt and seeming miracles would happen every day.

-From Discover a Richer Life by Ernest Holmes; Chapter 7 – Using the Law of Mind, pages 41-42

Abraham-Hicks: Get Happy & Watch What Comes

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