This Thing Called You : Chapter XI – 10/7/2013

Murrays Beach Sunset #3 by Kevin Morgan on

Murrays Beach Sunset #3 by
Kevin Morgan

Cultivating your own thought, living in the conscious expectancy and affirmation, knowing the truth in season and out of season, you are doing your part. The Law will never fail you. Your problem is to convert your own thinking. You do this through words, audibly or inaudibly expressed; through thoughts, ideas, beliefs, prayer (which is silent communion with the Invisible), realization, meditation, whatever you choose to call the process.

Words are molds into which the creative substance of your consciousness flows. Words without meaning, while they may have some effect through constant repetition, cannot have the same effect that words with meaning have. Your words will have meaning in such degree as you actually feel that they are the activity of the Spirit within you.

– From This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes; Chapter XI – page 96

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