Abraham Hicks ~ Activate the Vibration of more Money – Rampage

This is a good and much needed reminder for me to take and make time to write in my “The PLAN” Journal how I want and desire my life to be and take my mind off of “What is”. My challenge has been writing AND BELIEVING and FEELING the reality of it…I got discouraged because my “words” felt flat and lifeless and therefore unbelievable….now, I must find a way to breathe new life into these words and my dreams and stop allowing  “what-is” to continue to beat up on me like I have a gorilla on back beating me in the head all day and all night…Now, the real challenge how to make time and have the energy working +12 hour work days now and working all weekend, even less time left for “Me” now…but got to make it happen and WILL MAKE IT SO!

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