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Abraham Hicks,powerful Money attraction, Despite your situation

Abraham Hicks ~ Practice the vibration of what you want – by ignoring it

Abraham Hicks- Marry Lover, Or Move On From Here?!? =o

First, I apologize for being absent and not keeping daily and regular updates here, got caught up once again in the “What-is” and “Work” garbage loops plus also have been doing MUCH writing in my private journal and just in the past couple of days have created a “Virtual Vision Board” posting images of what I desire in “Love, Abundance, Home, etc….” For me and how my work schedule is but still needing something “visual” that  I can see on a daily basis and have with me to look at or add to during those rare spare moments during the work day a Virtual Vision Board (or at least my version of it) was best for me! Today’s Law of Attraction quotation was very much needed as well as this video that I just posted…only reverse the roles and say are there any women with their own money? I seem to be a magnet to broke (or perceived) broke women who see me, and see someone with a Big Heart and pour their hearts and there pity me stories asking for money, even when I say I have nothing to give they still whine and beg making their situation seem dire and life-threatening if I do not help….I grow weary of this and have told myself no more! I gave money for my son to have a good Xmas, I helped an out of work friend so that they could give their children a Xmas, paid what bills I could leaving me nothing for myself other than enough to get by until the next payday and still more is being asked of me and yet I received nothing for Xmas, not even enough for a me to me gift or treat and I know I “vibrationally” attracted this and I can change this so starting in the New Year I am starting with new priorities…My son comes first ALWAYS! Then ME….then if there is anything left, help other with REAL needs, not fabricated stories,I got to free myself from “THEM” for they are only holding me back vibrationally and financially when higher disks are calling to me to enjoy the view above the clouds and to again see the sunshine…I am and will no longer continue to put myself and my needs last when there is nothing left over for me….I am no good to my son or anyone else if my wants and needs and my well-being are not taken care of. Time to get back control of this vessel and turn things around into calmer and more beautiful seas and ports…..


Abraham Hicks. You just have to care about loving yourself

Use your mind to feel good right now

Abraham Hicks. Every manifestation point just begins a new journey. (Full version)

These past days I have been feeling very overwhelmed with so much needing to be done but both a combination of not enough time, not enough money and this followed by a feeling of exhaustion from being overwhelmed that all I wanted to do was sleep to “escape” these feelings….And then I see what today’s Law of Attraction Quotation is….

Abraham Explains That If It Feels Good, It’s Always Right!

Abraham Closes Phoenix With A Rampage of Invincibility About Us =D!!

Abraham, Are There Mile Markers On Manifestational Route?! =O

Abraham Hicks- Concept of Universe Box :)!

This video and today’s Law of Attraction Quotation compliment each other and actually something that I went to bed with on my mind…how to “see” past “What-is” long enough and often enough that I CAN find myself a vibrational match to ALL that waits in my vibrational escrow to flow fully into my daily life…almost wishing I could talk a walk in the photo I posted this morning in “Today’s Virtual Escape…” post…

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