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Best of Abraham Hicks: 1/18/2014 Boca Raton

Is Monogamy the Ideal Representation of a Romantic Relationship?

Really needed to “hear” this today as this has been also a source of much frustration and draining me and taking my focus off what is DESIRED but instead I find myself mentally dialoging over and over about what I do not want and what this person is doing/saying or not doing/not saying that is upsetting me but yet get angry with me when I try to explain or point out how what they are saying or doing or not saying or doing is affecting me but I know where I am making the mistake is that how and why I am “Allowing” then to affect me at all! My “feeling good” need be independent of anyone or anything else going on around me, so I guess then I find myself getting upset that I have given them that much control over me and just need to pull back my attention from them and just find ways to feel better and let them be them and not affect me or bother me anymore….my “feeling good” should always come and be first and all else will become a vibrational match!


Daily Law of Attraction Quotation – 1/24/2014

And also the trees by Sergio Trentin on

And also the trees by
Sergio Trentin

In your action, you lose sight of the vision, you lose sight of your trust in the process, and you just bang around in a sense of futility. Hold the vision and trust that the Universe will acclimate to your vision. Hold the vision and trust the process. 

— Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Portland, OR on Tuesday, June 10th, 1997

How fitting what today’s Law of Attraction Quotation is and how I have been feeling especially today! I do “feel” like I have been doing so much but so little is getting accomplished other than getting more exhausted and more frustrated and “what-is” looking at me and laughing at all my struggles to take my attention from “IT” and still it seems to find ways to jump in my way and /or pull me off course yet again! And yes, this has also pulled me away from my being here making more regular posts as I should and desire to do to plot my course to the Vortex and higher and higher flying disks and leave “THIS” and “IT” behind to get “THERE”! But I am and have really been feeling beat up and beat down by “what-is” and this “vibration” is getting to where computers around me are doing “funny” things or having weird errors and I know it is just where I am vibrationally and my feeling so f8cking frustrated with where I am and how so far attached and away from where I desire to be and the “distant” between here and there seems almost impossible to even get “THERE” form Here! But get “THERE” I will…..

Abraham Hicks- Feelings Matching Words

Abraham Hicks Talking About Caring What Other’s Think

Yes…again…”what-is-it is” and the demands of work kept me from here and doing the “work” that needs to be done so that I no longer have to WORK so hard and so many long hours just to get by pay day to pay day (or in this case scrape by but that is my fault because I again gave in the “pity me” story of someone claiming to have greater financial needs and what they would have to do if I do not help them….having a big heart sucks some times!) So here I am on a Sunday…WORKING! But taking time between programming updates on the radios I am working on to start playing catch up here and my other blogs (that I am hoping will one day bring in some Google AdSense “love” – but like here keep getting pulled away and thus no time to keep the sites updated…but here trying again!) And reminding myself from today Law of Attraction Quotation and this video…I got to put ME and MY FEELINGS FIRST! No one else is going to jump through any hoops to help me feel good…even if I say how stressful and exhausting a day I had, the attention will always get diverted to the “other’s” immediate needs and what they want or need me to do for them so that THEY feel good now! So, got to find some “virtual escape” similar to what I just posted on my other site and get “lost” and find that virtual peace, that calm, to allow my vibration to stop its ‘roller coaster” ups and downs (more downs than ups) and level off to that General flying altitude so things can level off in my real life long enough for me to not keep walking around with my muscles all tight from stress, waking up with headaches in the middle of the night, and knots of stress in my stomach every day….it is funny how it is so easy to get “sucked” in to “what-is” and “feed” in to it before you realize what is happening or stop look around at the “mess” and ask what happened?! So even though I am working today, I am not wearing work clothes as I took a 6 mile walk outside before coming here so still in my walking clothes, taking the work at a leisurely pace, not a rushed “got to git er’ dun now” mode….what I get doe today is what I get done and will continue when I come back Tuesday night…

Found a Law Of Attraction Radio site online that I have been listening too (when I get a chance, which is usually lately at night before falling asleep or when driving for several hours) and have been hearing some good stuff there some times. Finding and using anything that I can to help keep my focus off of “what-is” so that I am not continuing to “feed” IT! So starting today going to again try to get back into a regular post routine here and my other sites, but want to thank those that have been patient and still around. This is a Journey and sometimes the path gets a bit rough and “B u m P y” but as long we stay (or get back) on course all is well!

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