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How Source gets your attention…

Winter Voyage by Peter From on

Winter Voyage by
Peter From

Well, after waking up to hearing a talk about Money and the Law of Attraction with regard to Money, this morning I wake up to a show about Love and the Law of Attraction which I found very “funny” how the two main area in my life I struggle with and have the most trouble with for as far back as I can remember are the two topics that I wake up to for the past two mornings. So I would say that Source is using this to get my attention, for this is not the first time that I have gone to bed listening to the LOA radio Network and woke up with the site still playing but usually wake up to a topic of no immediate interest to me or even remember what they were talking about BUT to wake up both yesterday morning and this morning to topics that are major problem areas, especially lately I know is more than just a coincidence. Below is the link to this show recording that woke up and started my day with:

So I guess I have some “homework” for what is left of my weekend after working the part-time job….a job that I hope one day I will not need because of needing the extra money to get by between the real job pay days but for just the additional experience and knowledge and extra “play money” to do what I want to do and not just to scrape by…



I AM vs. I WILL and Finance Affirmations! – The Affirmations that will jumpstart your manifestations!

I AM vs. I WILL and Finance Affirmations!

Here is the link to that audio recording for LOA Radio Network that I woke up to that was mentioned in my previous post….and as I listen to it again I forgot about the “NEED” part as well, and I know that this feeling of “NEED” is the reason I have been attracting so many “needy” people asking me to give them money for this and that and how their “NEED” is greater than anything I have to take care of or need to pay, etc….

Its all about how we “feel”….

Dead In The Water by Robert Goulet on

Dead In The Water by
Robert Goulet

I went to bed last night listening to the LOA Radio Network website ( and woke up this morning to a talk about the LOA with regards to money. Two things mentioned that I know are problems area for me 1) making a Gratitude Journal – I have trouble “seeing” beyond “what-is” to find anything to be grateful about; 2) Stop dweeling/thinking about/giving attention to “HOW” & “WHEN” the money wil come, just focus on the “feeling good/happy/abundant” and have faith it will happen! Now, today I have been coasting through the day okay, but just now remembered that I had not checked my bank balance for my PT job pay and my heart sank into panic mode when I see my balance VERY negative as I realized that I had forgotten to delay an auto payment, so now got to “scruggle” (scrape and struggle = scruggle) again until next week….Of course IF I learned anything from the LOA dialog that I woke up to I should not be feeling any fear, worry or anxiety, should just be calm and F O C U S on feeling good and abundant and that ALL IS WELL and ALL NEEDS WILL BE MET! But, of course, hard to resist the “knee-jerk” reaction on how to get by with all left I need to do and pay….This is what I grow so weary of week after week, and when it occurs so frequently that THIS becomes the norm, it grows increasingly more “challenging” to take the focus off of “IT” and to that which is DESIRED! But I know when I go to the rec center to get my steps (walk) in for my Gym-Pact (one of several ways of making a little extra money) I will be affirming as I always try to do, even getting creative and fitting my affirmations in place of the words of the music I am listening to, it helps at times to get the enthusiasm up depending on the song and how well I can “fit” the affirmations in. Thinking always so much about work and other “challenges” I find myself forgetting to do affirmations during the day, so this is one of those opportunities I take advantage of to try and bring myself back into some sort of vibrational alignment or as close as I can get so that I am not (hopefully) taking ALL of the bad “ju-ju” from the day to bed with me when I  finally decide to go to sleep. Well, at least on the plus side THAT bill is now paid, so trying to think better and hopeful about it and the whole financial situation….I know Abraham says take money out of the equation….not always so easy though….

And sometimes the opposite is and fights to be the dominant part of our awareness…

© Cave Resort II by Maurizio Pignotti on

© Cave Resort II by
Maurizio Pignotti

From today’s Daily Law of Attraction Quotation, there is MUCH I have decided I both WANT and NEED for me (and my son) but the “obstacles” followed by the hauntings of the “How? & When?” take control of my thoughts and emotions taking me an wild ride into no where and thus further off course than where I need and should be. And I am making myself more aware of when this occurs though not always easy to bring yourself back especially when others and their impatiences plays into this equation. Thus this adds a feeling of anxiety and urgentness which feeds into the wrong vibration….

Of course I unfortunately missed posting yesterday, I did think about it but each time I thought about it and attempted to come here I was pulled away for this or that and the other….BUT here now and using this time not only to post today’s Daily Law of Attraction Quotation (which I do have to do manually as WP blocks the Abraham-Hicks site script but which is probably better because then I am forced to sit and READ and think about what that days quote is and add it to my day) but to also compose my Daily Thoughts and help me gauge where I am in the Vibrational stages (steps) and see what I need to do bring myself up a few clicks higher each day to bring me closer to reaching those higher flying disks, so today’s virtual escape photo is kind of fitting as I see “reaching” the stars as reaching the higher flying disks… here it to (trying) “feeling good” now in spite of and ignoring “what-is” around me……

Being sucked into the Vortex of “What-Is” instead of the Vortex of “What is DESIRED”

Nightfall by Peter From on

Nightfall by
Peter From

Again, I have and keep allowing myself to focus on and feed more and more into the Momentum of “What-is” and thus keep getting “stuck” deeper and deeper which has been very apparent by my long and more frequent absences here! It gets so overwhelming at times that the stress causes physical pain in the way of muscles aches or just random aches and pains in my body and as I try to take my focus off of “What-Is” it seems to know and  see my lack of attention to ‘IT” and finds something or someone to bring my attention back to “IT”! And what is funny I can “see” how what I am (unfortunately) giving my attention too is what keep coming back at me in bigger and bigger waves! So at least that is a start that I can and able to “see” what I keep giving attention is what keeps beating more and more over the head like a big gorilla on back! The challenge is of course trying to find something,anything to take my focus off “what-is” long enough to feel better and calmer so that my vibration can raise up at least to a General level so that I can function more calmly through the day. Right now I am feeling so exhausted from the day to day battles with “what-is” it gets increasingly difficult to drag my ass out of bed just to again do battle! But I know eventually THIS momentum must end for just my “seeing” it more and more to catch myself from feeding more energy into it the momentum eventually must slow down…so like photos I posted here I use to try and help me “mentally” escape if only for a few moments, that is a few moments less energy being fed to “what-is”….granted spare time and energy has been sucked out of my days and weekends, I must make more of an effort to reclaim this time and energy back and use that to bring FOCUS back from “What-is” to “What IS DESIRED!” And also reclaim time back here on the REAL WORK so that I do not have to continuing working myself into endless exhaustion working two jobs that still is not enough money to cover ALL the expenses and leave me enough to save for a trip to Rio de Janeiro to see and be together again with my son….and one day bring him home AND have a home to bring him home too! Much too do but must first must do and FOCUS on “feeling good/better” and let Source open the doors for me for I know there is so much STUFF in my vibrational escrow that SOURCE has had to rent out additional space to hold everything! Right now I would rather have the problem of what to do with too much money than this financial state that I am in now….I know Abraham jokes about having to have seminars on how to  de-manifest….but right now I have lived SO LONG without things I have wanted, needed and my son….I welcome having TOO MUCH STUFF…but I know, I know…I have to have those happy happy joy joy feelings NOW FIRST before the Gateway to Riches can be opened wide for me! But for the Outer World to change the Inner World (vibration) must change first…..And so in an attempt to help bring my vibrational level up to where it needs to be I want to try to make more of an effort to post here thus making time for me to “feel better” at least once during the crazy days I have been dealing with….even now as I try to type this “what-is” keeps interrupting with phone calls, people asking questions and saying anything to take my attention from finishing this one entry…BUT again it is ME giving attention to IT!

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