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Dead In The Water by Robert Goulet on

Dead In The Water by
Robert Goulet

I went to bed last night listening to the LOA Radio Network website ( and woke up this morning to a talk about the LOA with regards to money. Two things mentioned that I know are problems area for me 1) making a Gratitude Journal – I have trouble “seeing” beyond “what-is” to find anything to be grateful about; 2) Stop dweeling/thinking about/giving attention to “HOW” & “WHEN” the money wil come, just focus on the “feeling good/happy/abundant” and have faith it will happen! Now, today I have been coasting through the day okay, but just now remembered that I had not checked my bank balance for my PT job pay and my heart sank into panic mode when I see my balance VERY negative as I realized that I had forgotten to delay an auto payment, so now got to “scruggle” (scrape and struggle = scruggle) again until next week….Of course IF I learned anything from the LOA dialog that I woke up to I should not be feeling any fear, worry or anxiety, should just be calm and F O C U S on feeling good and abundant and that ALL IS WELL and ALL NEEDS WILL BE MET! But, of course, hard to resist the “knee-jerk” reaction on how to get by with all left I need to do and pay….This is what I grow so weary of week after week, and when it occurs so frequently that THIS becomes the norm, it grows increasingly more “challenging” to take the focus off of “IT” and to that which is DESIRED! But I know when I go to the rec center to get my steps (walk) in for my Gym-Pact (one of several ways of making a little extra money) I will be affirming as I always try to do, even getting creative and fitting my affirmations in place of the words of the music I am listening to, it helps at times to get the enthusiasm up depending on the song and how well I can “fit” the affirmations in. Thinking always so much about work and other “challenges” I find myself forgetting to do affirmations during the day, so this is one of those opportunities I take advantage of to try and bring myself back into some sort of vibrational alignment or as close as I can get so that I am not (hopefully) taking ALL of the bad “ju-ju” from the day to bed with me when I  finally decide to go to sleep. Well, at least on the plus side THAT bill is now paid, so trying to think better and hopeful about it and the whole financial situation….I know Abraham says take money out of the equation….not always so easy though….


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