How Source gets your attention…

Winter Voyage by Peter From on

Winter Voyage by
Peter From

Well, after waking up to hearing a talk about Money and the Law of Attraction with regard to Money, this morning I wake up to a show about Love and the Law of Attraction which I found very “funny” how the two main area in my life I struggle with and have the most trouble with for as far back as I can remember are the two topics that I wake up to for the past two mornings. So I would say that Source is using this to get my attention, for this is not the first time that I have gone to bed listening to the LOA radio Network and woke up with the site still playing but usually wake up to a topic of no immediate interest to me or even remember what they were talking about BUT to wake up both yesterday morning and this morning to topics that are major problem areas, especially lately I know is more than just a coincidence. Below is the link to this show recording that woke up and started my day with:

So I guess I have some “homework” for what is left of my weekend after working the part-time job….a job that I hope one day I will not need because of needing the extra money to get by between the real job pay days but for just the additional experience and knowledge and extra “play money” to do what I want to do and not just to scrape by…



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