“Are You Chilled Out”

“Any time you are trying to make something happen, anytime that there is that feeling of efforting, then there is resistance you’re trying to overcome. But you don’t overcome the resistance. You activate it.

So, it’s in the NOT TRYING that things happen. That’s why we explain, Step 1 is the trying part and that’s when you are sifting and sorting and asking. 

And there is plenty of resistance in that step 1 but it’s a necessary part of the process. But then there is no resistance in Step 2. We see what you want, we know what you want, we know where it is, we know where you are in relationship to it, we know what the path of least resistance is- and HERE COMES the inspiration. Full on, all the time, permeating you at all times with all kinds of angels of the universe, birds and cats and dogs and squirrels and people bringing you the message, bringing you the message, bringing you the message. How receptive are you, of the message? That’s what Step 3 is. 

Are you chilled out? Are you hearing the message or are you trying too hard to hear the message?“ – Abraham Hicks

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