Morning, now soon to be Afternoon Thoughts…

Photograph On top of the World! by Nicklas Westberg on 500px

On top of the World! by Nicklas Westberg on 500px

Again, I know I have not been actually writing much here, just those few moments I manage to steal during the day to watch an Abraham_hicks video or two or a passing quote that I feel needs to be shared (one of which I had queued up to send but has an unplanned Blackberry device reset and lost it but hope I can find it again)…

Some days I wonder if things I “see” or how certain people react/treat me how much of that is “them” and I just happen to be the “chosen one” and how much of it is my current vibrational level? For it seems that no matter how much financial stress/challenges I am wrestling with “others” seem to not believe that I am without money and continue to ask, and ask, and ASK for money to solve their life threatening issue/end of the world if I do not help them problem and then try to guilt me into helping by accusing me of “abandoning them” when they are the ones that have been absent from my life until “This NEED” that for some reason only I CAN SOLVE! So, this NEED arises and THEN you remember about me BUT I was the one who abandoned you??? So yes, I am thinking how and why is and does this circumstance keep coming back around?

I have been trying to not give attention to the financial situation “what-is” but it has been getting worse exponentially making it now nearly impossible to NOT give attention to “IT” and this latest person begging for money like I am some sort of money hoarder and just not wanting to share is not helping….it has made for many restless nights, been so exhausted that I fall asleep before I can even think and feel any good desired thoughts to take into sleep and help pre-pave the next day…But I continue to persist keeping my son and his needs and my desire for him to have and enjoy a better life than his daddy as that “beacon” to keep moving forward into the LIGHT….

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