Abraham-Hicks, There Is No Shortage Of Exhilaration

“There is no shortage of exhilaration of living out there, on the leading edge!

You don´t have to be in on the nitty-gritty of the details of what you don´t want, in order to live a life that is dynamic!

You can be in on the nitty-gritty of the details that do please you, too.

And it may sound odd, especially to a group like you, but almost everybody that you´ll meet does not understand that.

They would rather get into a really strong, fiery conversation about unwanted things, than that they would settle back into alignment – and it´s because they have gone from that contentment to that strong energy moving, that direction of what isn´t wanted – but it´s a rare one of you who has moved into the strong direction of energy moving towards what you ARE wanting.

Ahhh! To get the energy that creates worlds behind you,

to wake up every morning in a sense of clarity,

to know exactly who you are,

to have source energy thinking THROUGH YOU,

to have rendezvous after rendezvous being meaningful, 

to have people dovetailing with you, just giving you

THE piece of information that you are looking for, just at the right time.

Not feeling dependent on anybody, but KNOWING the clarity of who you are, and watching life unfolding …..

THAT´s what you came for!

THOSE are the “life-lessons” you came to experience!

There is only one life-lesson we want you to understand, and that is:

You are powerful creators and you have the ability to be, or do or have ANYTHING that you desire.

But you gotta start by creating a vibrational atmosphere, a vibrational climate, a vibrational nucleus, it´s like creating the petri-dish. 

Make yourself a vibrational starting point, because – when you start in this place, this unresisted place of gentle- Jesus called it meek, the meek will inherit the earth – when you are in this soft, nonresisted vibrational wellbeing, everything that you want will make it’s way into your experience.” – Abraham Hicks

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