The Reversing the Longing….

Photograph Way of Love by Sebdows Photography on 500px

Way of Love by Sebdows Photography on 500px

All day today there has been an ever increasing “longing” feeling in my heart…and nothing that I have been able to do has been able to take my mind off of it, its been getting so strong that I have not even been able to focus on work or working. So I wrote about other things in my journal thinking maybe it was the lack of other things that was the root source to the longing….BUT while attempting to get lunch and turning on the 24×7 Comedy channel on iHeart radio hoping some humor would help me mood I start receiving messages on ALL Hailing Frequencies and now know the TRUE source of the ever increasing longing feelings…my son has been and is asking for his daddy! Then my heart cried out across the miles to try comfort my son while his daddy was feeling the sadness of not (yet) having the financial means of returning to Rio de Janeiro to Play, Have Fun, and Be Happy together with my son. Every day, when I make a video message for my son, I always end it with telling him “To Play, Have Fun, and Be Happy” that that was his job for daddy until the day daddy returns and we both can Play, Have Fun and Be Happy! Now, along with this longing, which now the source is know, I am fighting an internal emotion and mental battle…the one side that is still “trapped” in the momentum of “What-Is” is only focusing on all of the financial blocks and obstacles that have kept me apart from my son for over two years now, way, WAY too long to be apart from my Little Man….but then there is a part of me that says turn this “Longing to be with my son to comfort his calling for and needing his daddy” to “Feeling, Living and Breathing ALREADY being with my son to comfort his calling and needing his daddy”. That same feeling as if he is just home anxious for daddy to get home from work and not dwell on the thousands of miles and dollars currently keeping us apart….being and working as an Electronics Technician I know about the function of a circuit called an “Inverter”. The purpose of this circuit is to “invert” whatever signal is fed into it…if the signal is positive or a digital “1”, the output is negative or a Digital “0” and vice versa….so now there is a need for a “Spiritual” inverter to help turn the energy of “longing” into energy needed to feed Faith, Belief in the Already Having and seeing me already with my son in my arms telling him daddy is here……

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