Today’s thoughts….

Photograph North Star by Anita Nicholson on 500px

North Star by Anita Nicholson on 500px

The past couple of days seem like a blur of activity, “what-is” and exhaustion and frustration…for a little over a week now I have been good about instead of starting my morning mindlessly playing Temple Run 2 during my morning constitution, I have instead been writing thoughts in my private journal. Granted most is about “what-is”, some about what I dreamed (if I remembered) and some about whatever happens to be to current dominant thought. BUT I know that also at some time during the day I need to STOP, pull myself out of the hamster wheel and write in my “The PLAN” journal about how I desire my life to be as if it were already now! I am not a morning person so morning is not the best time to do this but then once I get going into the day and night it does get challenging to separate myself from the hamster wheel and “what-is”….which is apparent from how many days have passed since my last post here. But I know SOURCE is out there just like the beacon in the above photo which I felt appropriate for this post and I know the less attention I give “what-is” and the more I focus on what is DESIRED then that become will grow brighter and brighter and the “pull and call” of SOURCE will become stronger and stronger and will fell life and ALIVE again!

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