Daily Thoughts…

Photograph Chambon lake by Sarah Martinet on 500px

Chambon lake by Sarah Martinet on 500px


If only I can find the inner peace and stillness as the water in this photo….I have been so mentally and emotionally beat up these past couple of days it is a wonder I even want to get out of bed in the mornings. I try to “pre-pave” before going to sleep but I am so exhausted by the time I finally get to bed that I almost instantly fall into a restless sleep and before I am fully awake the pressure of “what-is’ already floods my thoughts starting my day with fear and anxiety before I can re-direct the flow and not allow that steam-roller of momentum to build up to ramming speed so early in the morning….

My current but yet to be implemented plan of attack is to along with my “The PLAN” entries which I still have not yet been able to include into my daily routine on a s consistent basis, is in parallel write an entry as if talking about my ideal day as if that was how my day went and the ideal events happening. Yes, it is and will be a stretch to write about my Ideal day as if it were occurring from where I am but if I can at least make the time and effort to make an entry a day AND “see” past “what-is” long enough to write about my day as I desire it to happen that will be that much less time spent on seeing and thinking about and giving attention to “what-is”…I figure I already find myself thinking I wish I had time to do this or money to go there or had the leisure time that both my mind and body are crying for, then if I can grab hold of those random thoughts and build them into writing and thinking about and mentally and emotionally “Living” my Ideal day then one day I will “wake up” to see that I am living my Ideal Day!

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