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Abraham Hicks 2014 ペ Are you ready for your manifestation

Abraham Hicks- To Manifest Your Purest Desires You Must…

Milk Every Moment For All The Pleasure You Can Get From It…

Milk every moment for all the pleasure you can get from it. When you say, “It is my dominant intent to look for things that feel good today. No matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for what I’m wanting to see, to look for things that feel good,” and the more you develop the habit of that kind of vibration-the more the Universe understands that that’s who you are! And so, the more you have access only to those kinds of things! – Abraham


If Your Desire Is Strong Enough…

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If your desire is strong enough, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are. If you have a desire that is strong enough, that desire will be the dominant vibration, and it will over-ride any other vibration that you have – Abraham

Let Your Imagination Go Wild With What You Visualize

You can let your #imagination go wild with a Vision Board, and place pictures of how you want your life to be. Look at your Vision Board every day and feel the feelings of having those things now. As you receive each thing, remove the pictures and add new ones. #RhondaByrne#TheSecret#LOA#Joy2Billions#LawOfAttraction#FeelGood#Visualize#VisionBoard

Daily Thoughts Continued….

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Fading Light

Well, No one can really say that LOA does not work…it is just how things and circumstances manifest depending on where you are vibrationally…and the “NEED” for money is definitely still very much an active vibration as I seem to be walking around with a The Sims Diamond over my head just so that everyone begging/asking for money can find me and see me wherever I go! The ironic thing is most of the time I “see” them first with that “spider sense” and then they “see” me…At the Wawa I stop at before going to the PT job at night, I purposely park on the side opposite the resident homeless person so I do not have to cross paths but last week still someone rolled up on me with their sob/pity me story of how they drove from out of town to work a job, got stiffed on the money and had no money to get home but was having some wired to them in the morning bu still needed money for a place to stay the night. When I go to the store or mall I always park far out so that I can get in some extra steps in on my Fitbit for my Pact (another way I try to make extra money), well they “see” me way out there too just as I went to lunch and walking back to my vehicle I heard voice calling to me from way across the parking lot and i could not drive off fast enough….<sigh>…so I am and have been demonstrating how the LOA works when your dominant vibration continues to be the NEED of money, I continuously attract people needing money and they look to me to fill that need when I myself don’t (yet) have my financial house in order….and house nice it would be to have a house of my own and free of that apartment that I know I have paid for the whole building by now as long as I have been living there, and those words came from the previous landlord!

Abraham Hicks- Beliefs of Wanting Vs Abundance :O…

Daily Thoughts…

Photograph Burnt Orange by Parisa Salehi on 500px

Burnt Orange by Parisa Salehi on 500px


Nothing like ending the work day with seeing an email from the bank saying there was not enough funds to cover the latest payment posted…and I am thinking what payment? So I check and see that a fraudulent payment has been made to some website and ran my account negative! Oh joy! Just what I need…more of “what-is” to attract my attention! I was too emotionally drained to even get angry…I was but I there was nothing there to fuel the anger, so it was like a dull ache in my stomach as I drove home, changed clothes, and went out and took a walk, stopped to take a photo of the sunset, finished my walk and in spite of all that I needed to get done last night, I just laid across the bed just not wanting to think or do anything. But again I know…what am i giving the most attention too…and what I am getting more of…got to turn this ship around!

Abraham Hicks- Power of Source Energy =D!

Abraham Hicks- Keep Asking & Being :)!

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