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Photograph The Emerald River by Aaron Reed on 500px

The Emerald River by Aaron Reed on 500px


Well…here we are again…having to do battle with our formidable foe…MONDAY! Had some interesting “thoughts” during all of the craziness of the weekend but unfortunately did not get opportunity to write down, document, reflect on them as I was pulled this way and that, called, summoned, etc…but of what I can remember additional ideas that hopefully can help me on course to what I desire and my heart hungers (starving) so much for. I read one of The Secret Success Stories how someone saw The Secret and had his life turned around in two months. Kind of gave me mixed feelings as I have been on this PATH for years and have only had very intermittent successes and now things are the worse they have been I think in my life….yet I watch those who know nothing of LOA and prospering, successful, happy, etc….BUT I know probably the key is that they are “Happy” so there is no resistance (or a lot less resistance) so  more is allowed to flow to them. While I continue walking around tense, stressed, worried, anxious, and when I kind find those fleeting moments of  at least General vibrations…”What-is” jumps out of the shadows and drags me back in and down! But as I mentioned in a previous post I made a small sacrifice and got into the latest Abraham-Hicks Live Event and very happy to see that more time is now allowed for replay since with family in town for Mother’s Day and all that was going on plus work plus making time Sunday morning for a 15 mile bike ride (first one for the year – yeah, I am sore now) to get some air and try to level off my vibration there was no time left to watch the seminar again but since I now have until Friday morning to watch it as much as I want (need) hopefully I can pick up those subtle messages/meanings that don’t always hit you and resonate with you the first time or so. There have been recordings that I have listened to over and over then there is that one time that something just pops out and its like how did I not “hear and miss this”  all the other times I listened to it? Now my only fault is that when I heard THIS I did not act on it….and thus that moment just passed into ether. So much to do….things I NEED to do vs things that I WANT to do and that overwhelming feeling that follows….the Heart pulling and calling in one direction…work, problems, challenges, “what-is” yanking me in the opposite direction….some days growing very weary of the tug-of-war…and that standing outside in the cold looking in to how my life could and should be….

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