Daily Thoughts…

Photograph Burnt Orange by Parisa Salehi on 500px

Burnt Orange by Parisa Salehi on 500px


Nothing like ending the work day with seeing an email from the bank saying there was not enough funds to cover the latest payment posted…and I am thinking what payment? So I check and see that a fraudulent payment has been made to some website and ran my account negative! Oh joy! Just what I need…more of “what-is” to attract my attention! I was too emotionally drained to even get angry…I was but I there was nothing there to fuel the anger, so it was like a dull ache in my stomach as I drove home, changed clothes, and went out and took a walk, stopped to take a photo of the sunset, finished my walk and in spite of all that I needed to get done last night, I just laid across the bed just not wanting to think or do anything. But again I know…what am i giving the most attention too…and what I am getting more of…got to turn this ship around!

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