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Photograph Almost Midnight by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px

Almost Midnight by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px


Yes…I know…yet again out of touch with no regular posts here….”what-is” can and has been a very formidable foe these past couple of weeks! BUT my attention to “What-is” only seeks to give it more control over my life and affairs, giving me even more to focus on (IT) and thus the momentum speeds up more and more…..Needless to say my mood has not been very good these past several weeks and my sleep has been more and more restless and my body is “talking” to me about the lack of sleep that I have been getting….and even this “dialog” from my body has prevented me from making a little extra money from donating (selling) blood plasma with the lack of sleep and stress my BP and pulse were both too high to be allowed through the process. What is even funnier (well trying to laugh about it so that I do not get so pissed off) but with my increased lack (need) for money more and more people keep running to me with their financial problems asking for money, even people that have not talked to me or ignored my messages for weeks NOW all of sudden remember about me because they NEED something (money) from me! One even kept repeating their “subliminal” indirect request for money and I knew what they were doing and I just kept ignoring them until about after their 5th of so attempt of “I just don’t know what I am going to do…etc…) and when I finally said “politely” I wish I could help BUT….and they quickly said that they were not asking for money…yeah, right..okay…whatever!


Okay started this post on last Thursday and just NOW getting back to it….damn “What-Is’! So just going to post and start a new…..

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