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Photograph Reflection in Kirkjufell by Stanley Chen Xi on 500px

Reflection in Kirkjufell by Stanley Chen Xi on 500px


You know a year ago I spent money that I did not have to spare on custom domains for this and another site with hopes of getting into the WordAds program and being able to generate a little extra residual income here, but a year later have not heard anything, not even a rejection and it is coming time to renew the custom domains and not even have enough money to pay attention right now. BUT that is giving attention to “What-Is”, I know….but after what I had to emotionally endure this past weekend…..even “General Vibration” seem light years away! Not going to re-hash and go through it here plus some of it is just to difficult to even explain…even I can’t fathom how I got “here” let alone try to explain to it to someone to even understand a fraction of what I am “feeling” now and having to live with it and still try to function through the day. Been trying to go to the local blood plasma clinic to donate (translation = sell) my blood plasma for extra money and even here I am blocked from making extra money….seems that my pulse is too high…hmmm, wonder why??? Needless to say I have made three attempts so far and they test you three times and I have been rejected each time…no, not frustrating at all especially when I see people in various physical conditions and they ALL have lower that 100 pulse rates??? And I walk every day, more on Saturday and Sunday and still too high? Needless to say now this has created an “anxiety” vibration that the moment the BP cuff tightens on my arms i can feel my heart starting to race! Now I am so discouraged I am like why bother because I still have had no success but we how follow the LOA know that we cannot and must never give up but just continue to persevere until we achieve the desired vibrational levels and happiness and then how our vibrationally match…of course it already does even if it is not the life that we desire but this serves as the mirror to help us focus and tweak until we have the life we desire to live…..(I hope my thoughts are coming out correct as I am getting distracted by demands of work and other’s which is why it took me days to get back to the previous entry)….

One of the continuous issues I have been dealing with is the lack (need) of and for money and thus keep attracting peope “needing” money and coming and thinking and asking (actually begging and demanding) for money and then not understand why I will not help them. I say “I cannot help you” and give the reasons why but what they “hear” is “I will not help you or I do not want to help you” and then they get angry with me and see me as a “bad person”….I am sorry that they have their own financial challenges/issues/problems but I can’t help you if my financial house is in a mess but they fail to see and understand this as they are blinded by their own need (selfish or not) and choose not to understand that I can’t give what I do not have! Of course this continues to further feed into the “Need Money” / “Lack of Money” vibration…..a challenge to break free of especially when my whole weekend was just a barrage of gimme money, gimme money, why won’t you gimme money? It almost pushes one to the point of just not caring to reduce the affects of the emotional backlash and not have the residual vibration clinging to me attracting more of the same to deal with.

Today’s photo I felt fitting and think about the affirmation “I lift mine eyes until the hills from whence cometh my strength!” and strength is what I am NEEDING much of right now as I feel so exhausted and drained and just going through the day to day motions i.e. “hamster wheel” mode. When I take my walks I “try” to push aside what is currently bothering me and has me stressed with saying affirmation of any kind or what “feels” right at that moment so that I can given less attention to what is NOT desired. Well, enough for now, work demands are increasing and distracting me and making it more challenging to keep my thoughts and focus……

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