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Abraham Hicks 2014 – How To Improve Your Situation

Abraham Hicks Helps Find Prosperity Vibration

“Your Wish is My Command”

Be careful of the words you say especially when you begin a sentence with “I am,” because the words that follow “I am” have conviction and will cement you to the spot. When you say, “I am tired” or “I am broke” or “I am sick” or “I am late” or “I am overweight” or “I am old,” Genie says, “Your wish is my command,” and you just cemented yourself to your current state! #TheSecret #RhondaByrne #LOA #Hero #Joy2Billions #LawOfAttraction #Love #Visualize #Gratitude


Visualize Feeling Good

The way out of any difficult situation is to feel a little bit better. Make feeling better your number one priority – and you’ll move yourself out of any difficult situation to a new frequency, where the situation must change for the better. #TheSecret #RhondaByrne #LOA #Hero #Joy2Billions #LawOfAttraction #Love #Visualize #Gratitude

Feel Good

When you look at yourself and feel dissatisfaction about any part of you, you will continue to attract feelings of dissatisfaction, because the law of attraction mirrors back to you exactly what you are feeling inside. Dissatisfaction attracts more dissatisfaction. Feel really good about you, and you will attract more people, circumstances and events that will make you feel really good about you. Rhonda Byrne #TheSecret #RhondaByrne #LOA #Hero #LawOfAttraction #Joy2Billions #FeelGood


Daily Law of Attraction Quotation 7-29-2014

Photograph There's no place like home! by Marcelo Castro on 500px

There’s no place like home! by Marcelo Castro on 500px


Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good—I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought.

Anytime you feel negative emotion, you are in the mode of resisting something that you want, and that resistance takes its toll on you. It takes its toll on your physical body, and it takes its toll on the amount of wonderful things that you are allowing to come into your experience.

— Abraham
Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness”

Well, I can honestly say that I am and have been feeling WAY less than good! And I wish I could find a way to “FEEL GOOD” but I have allowed “what-is” to build up so much momentum now that IT has become a formidable foe to contend with but have been doing my best not to keep feeding IT….But every morning the barrage of phone calls from creditors reminds me of the lack of money which has been further fed by little to no hours now at the PT job though I ask if there is any work every day, but told nothing today or that the work that does need to be done is not worth paying me at my rate to do. And to further “feed” into that need to constant begging from others to give them money for this crisis and that emergency or crying not having money for food (had two in the same day say this not caring nor understanding that I did not have money for food either) and having to explain that I too was struggling and having to get by on a gift card that was given to me for my son and here daddy is having to use it and withdrawing money from my Gym Pact account to settle the negative balance in my PayPal account and have a little money for groceries. But I find the most difficult obstacle is how to tell the creditors, the beggars, and myself “I ain’t got no money” BUT at the same time NOT TELL THAT STORY but to find a way to tell a new story when the movie of the current story is on a endless loop all day, every day? Not an easy task but someone have to find a way, yet have not yet found a way….so hoping today’s Law of Attraction quotation and the photo will help me feel better…the photo is from Rio de Janeiro and I LONG and HUNGER to return there….not sure why, but I ‘feel’ something every time I am there, a calm and peace that I hunger for but can’t seem to find here swimming…okay, more like drowning in “What-Is” every day and night….and stay so stressed that I stay feeling drained and exhausted and my heart rate continues to be too high to make a little extra money selling blood plasma and when I wake in the morning my bed looks like I have been in the UFC or WWF all night….so that calm, peace and “better feeling” place continues to elufde me hidden and clocked by “What-is”….so hoping this trip next week for my brother’s wedding (and try not to dwell on the fact that I continue to be the only single sibling as well as the oldest) and just enjoy a change of venue for a few days and hope to get at least to a place of feeling General and close enough to “touch” feeling good…if only for a momeent….

The Secret Daily Teachings – 7-23-2014

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