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Photograph The Edge Of Perception by Michael Shainblum on 500px

The Edge Of Perception by Michael Shainblum on 500px


This past holiday weekend and days have been very interesting in that several people shown me more of their true selves….One crying to me asking for money, (yes, yet another one crawling to me with their sob story) and explain to them I cannot help and why I cannot help and their response was they got very angry, but said their understood and would never bother me again….BUT this person has since apologized several times to me which surprised me as they gave me the impression of never talking to me again. So their apology and what they said in their message did help me feel a little better so yes, I am grabbing on to the glimmer of better feeling and “milking” it!

Another thing that has been happening I have been making (many) requests of someone of something that I have been wanting (and needing, yeah I know that damn “need” vibration) and they have been going out of their way to ignore me and my requests until I finally asked why were they ignoring me AND my requests. Of course they got very defensive citing how so very busy they have been and other excuses which I calmly countered…if they have time to post status updates, comment on photos, share and post photo and share pages in their Facebook while they are so “very busy” they have time to fulfill my requests. Well lets just say they didn’t like my blowing a gaping hole in their “I am so very busy excuse” and said some very unpleasant things and told me they would shutdown their Facebook page if this was bothering so much! I never said what they were doing was bothering I was pointing out that if they got time for this they got time for other more important things. Well, they were back to doing the same things that evening and talked to me like the previous conversation and blowup never occurred i.e no apology nor admission that I was correct or anything but that is fine because ironically what I have been asking from them has been and being given to me by another whom I never made this request too…and to make it even more interesting I again made my request this morning of this person and again this afternoon the other person gave me what I asked / requested from the first person AND neither person knows each other??? Okay Source explain this one to me….

I know I do not post here as often as I should or would like and want to be ultimately posting more uplifting, encouraging, positive things…being a living example of what the Law of Attraction can and will do but still working on getting there, it is and has not been easy, actually quite exhausting with “What-is” always waiting for me around every corner it seems. Sunday for example I vowed to NOT DO ANYTHING but try to (remember how to) R E L A X…the only thing I really did was go out and ride the bicycle for about 20 miles and just napped, watched television, watched the Tour de France online (the only sport I really enjoy) and vegged as much as possible. There were a few spikes from people trying to intrude in on my “me time”, even listened to some brainwaves app that is supposed to help one relax. And I think I got through the day reasonably well…it was waking up with such a knot of stress in my stomach Monday that seemed to kill all the good that was accomplished on Sunday, so my week did not start off very well. But here today the boss if off still from the holiday, the other technicians are out so it is just me here alone in the shop trying again to find a calmer and more general vibrational area to reside in long enough that I can maintain it long enough to gradually tweak it up higher and higher and not give in to all that is bothering me, stressing me, worrying me, upsetting me, and shutting of the mental dialog I want to have with certain people but just disconnect from them and all that is not in alignment with where I want and desire to be….

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