Daily Thoughts…

Photograph Milky Way from Mt Shasta by Adam Jackson on 500px

Milky Way from Mt Shasta by Adam Jackson on 500px

Again, in the office alone so again can actually make and have time to again be here to make a quick entry….it amazes me seeing the things people can make time for no matter how tired or exhausted they claim to be YET can’t make time for those they should be making time for because they “say” that they are so tired and exhausted while trying to keep my mouth shut from saying what is really on my mind as I can “feel” a disturbance in the Force while the BS-o-meter is going off the scale. But why do I keep giving attention to “THIS” and thus keeping this vibration/circumstance active? Even during my evening walk that is ME TIME and not think about any of THIS and other things bothering me nor work YET the entire walk my mind was full of mental dialog of what I want and should say but then say why bother because IF I NEED to keep saying these things again and again and THEY stil don’t “see” then they don’t belong in my world so I just need to take my focus, emotions and thoughts off of THEM and allow my vibration to rise to where it needs to be and anyone not a vibrational match will just fall and fade away….much easier said than done when such deep emotions are involved but I got to start working more on ME and my “feeling good” and happy because it is more and more painfully obvious no one else is in charge of my happiness but ME!

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