If we were standing in your physical shoes…


Ironic how this would be the statement for the day after the past week and weekend I have had barraged with “Them” hands out and stories of woe and pity-me and I am all they have for help, etc….yet no consideration to me and my needs or the needs of my son….only their needs matter and have to be met now or their world will come to an end…
  I feel so drained from this and “Them” and even tried to step back and get “Them” to see how they are and have been treating me and of course this was either ignored as if I said nothing or must resistance and resentment for me for even thinking this way about “Them” but still expect me to give and give and give happily and willingly and stop my crazy talk….
So I am “seeing” and now “feeling” I have to just distance myself from “Them” and this endless begging for what they want and need and only seeking out me to fulfill these needs! But let me mention a little thing that I need or would like them to do for me, your would think I was asking for blood or all that they have and more or just ignored like I never asked….but let me do this and I am the bad guy, wearing the black hat. …
I grow so weary of this attitude and behavior but so difficult to escape and it drains me so much that I feel empty and just running in place fay after day never getting anywhere….but got to find some way to break free long enough to recharge and vibrate higher above “Them” and their endless selfish wants and needs and be finally able to do something for me and my needs and that of my son who needs his daddy!

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