Nothing Is More Important Than Feeling Good

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Becoming more deliberate about the things you think about is not a difficult thing. You are often particular about what you eat, the vehicle you drive, and the clothes you wear; and being a deliberate thinker does not require much more deliberate discrimination than that. But learning to deliberately direct your thoughts toward the aspect of the subject that feels best to you will have a much greater impact on the improvement in your life than the choosing of a meat, vehicle, or wardrobe.

Once you read these words and feel your own personal resonance with their meaning and power, you will never again feel negative emotion without realizing that you are receiving importance guidance to assist you in guiding your thoughts in a more productive and beneficial direction. 

In other words, you will never again feel negative emotion and not understand that it means you are in  the process of attracting something unwanted. A significant thing is happening with you as you are coming into conscious awareness of your emotions and the guidance that they provide, because even in your ignorance of what negative emotion meant, you were still negatively attracting. And so, understanding your emotions now gives you control of your life experience.

Whenever you are feeling less than good, if you will stop and say, Nothing is more important than that I feel good – I want to find a reason now to feel good, you will find an improved thought, which will lead to another and another. As you develop the habit of looking for a good-feeling thoughts, the circumstances that surround you must improve. The Law of Attraction demands it. When you feel good, you experience the sensation of doors opening as the Universe is cooperating with you; and when you feel bad, it feels as if the doors are closing and the cooperation stops.

Anytime you feel negative emotion, you are in the mode of resisting something that you want, and that resistance takes its toll on you. It takes its toll on your physical body, and it takes its toll on the amount of wonderful things that you are allowing to come into your experience.

Through your process of living life and noticing things wanted and unwanted, you have created a sort of Vibrational Escrow, which, in a sense, holds for you those wanted things you have identified until you become a close enough Vibrational Match to them that you allow yourself a fully manifested receiving of them. But until you find a way to feel good about them even though they have not yet manifested in your experience, it may seem to you that they are on the outside of a door that you cannot open. However, a you begin to look for more positive aspects regarding the things that occupy your thoughts – and as you deliberately choose the more positive end of the stick of possibilities regarding the subjects that dominate your thought processes – that door will open and everything that you desire will flow easily into your experience.

– The Essential Law of Attraction Collection; Esther and Jerry Hicks – The Teachings of Abraham : Pages 252-253

This past year has been very challenging, so much so that I lost the Path to LOA and have just been existing going through the daily motions of going to work (both jobs) and then coming home, rinse and repeat and have found it increasingly more and more difficult to “see and feel” the life that I desire, even to where when I have tried to “see and feel” this desired life those images seem flat and fake in my mind and quickly fade away with that space again occupied by thoughts of all the things wrong and bad in my life causing more stress, fear and worry! And what frustrates me so much is that I can so easily give time, emotion and energy to thinking of all things negative but have found it difficult to put that same emotional energy into feeling good and thinking only good thoughts! And along that same line have had no desire to continue my entries and updates here or even making entries in my “The Plan” Journal that is for the purpose of writing everyday about how I desire my life to be and the life I desire to live. But it is now a New Year and I have grown weary of this life and existence and just existing while everyone around me is enjoying life and happy and has a life. Even through social media seeing many people happy and traveling and enjoying their life and having the things they desire and the love and being loved, etc….

Yes, I know what is shown on social media is not always the life that these persons may actually be living but it still shows a life better than what  I am living now and give me something to help me focus on during those very negative emotional moments which sadly lately there have been many of them. So I have been taking screenshots of these images that represent a happier and better life and pasting them in a Vision Board app on my phone…have not attached any affirmations to any of the saved images…yet…as I have not felt vibrationally at place that I can attach any believable and positive emotionally charged affirmations. But have a good selection of images and it grows more every day that will help me bring my focus back to where it needs to be, hopefully alone with making more regular entries here to help me focus more on LOA and other words of power to bring me back to the Path that I have been lost from for so long …. and I “Feel” it, like I am lost in the dark in a foreign place and not knowing where the path is anymore….





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