Your Faith Can Penetrate Clouds of Unbelief…

Rainier Milky Way by Ray Green on

Your faith can penetrate clouds of unbelief and reveal the Truth which is forever perfect. Your words do not create this Truth, they merely reveal It. By way of illustration, imagine yourself looking at the picture of a beautiful landscape. In this picture there are trees, a house, a stream of water, a beautiful meadow, and in the background mountains and a blue sky, dotted with clouds. You look at it long, contemplating its beauty.

Now, suppose that a colored glass is placed between you and the picture so that picture appears blurred. Everything seems distorted and yet nothing has happened to the picture. It is your business to remove the colored glass. Because the picture is still there on the wall, it still may be seen.

Mental statements are merely a method you use for the clearing up of mental images. Neither affirmations, denials nor statements create the pattern of perfection, nor can they change it. They merely rearrange your thinking. If you could rearrange your thinking instantly, you would have an instantaneous result. If it takes time, do not become discouraged for you are working with a definite Principle which cannot fail you.

Your desire for self-expression is inherent in the Divine Pattern itself, and it is because you intuitively feel this Pattern that you grope back toward it. Learn to trust the intuition within you, which causes you to sense the Pattern. Say:

There is nothing in me which can obstruct the Divine Pattern.

I know that every organ, action and function of my being is acting in accord with the law of universal harmony.

All doubt, fear, confusion or uncertainty, is cast out of my mind.

– This Thing Called You, Ernest Holmes, Chapter 7, pages 55-56

That “colored glass” in my life is sadly totally blocking the beautiful vision that I (used) to “see” to be the life I desired. Sadly I have found it increasingly very difficult to even “see” any of the dreams that used to live daily in my heart and thoughts, but life events and people who sought to use me for selfish gains slowly chipped away more and more until now, that “colored glass” may as well be a solid wall for not only is the vision blocked it is also dark with much sadness….a sadness and longing so deep that words cannot even begin to describe it in such a way anyone on the outside can even understand. But why I am here making these entries forcing me to again open and read the many books I have and other sources of enlightenment that I have pushed aside out of frustration and work and life demands on my time and energy allowing this to consume all of me and my time leaving nothing for me at the end of the day but mind numbing exhaustion and fatigue to where all I do is escape into mindless television or consumed by restless sleep….but again why I am here forcing me to again get my mental energy and vibration focused on something other than “What-is” as Abraham – Hicks refers to it. So instead of looking at my cluttered desk here at work and all the half completed projects that my time is scattered across and feeling so overwhelmed not knowing where to begin, I am here starting me day maybe a bit less stressed, worried and anxious and can focus on “something” other than fear, worry or allowing the sadness to pull me back into its darkness…..



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