You Are The One

Follow your heart and intuition; they somehow already know what you truly want to become.  – Steve Jobs

The Law of Mind is not selective. That is, it is receptive without caring what it receives. It is creative without caring what it creates. – “The Science of Mind,” page 403

Ernest Holmes write that the hardest thing we have to do is learn to trust the universe. We like to dabble – to pray and pull our words back to see if our prayer is taking hold. What we need to do is know we are one with the only power that is. The great example for us is Jesus. He had no question that Spirit responded to him the way he wished it to. It responded because he never doubted. And the great message for us is when we can develop a belief like that, the universe will respond to us in kind.

Our mind is such a powerful tool. I read recently about a terminal patient who was given a drug that seemed to cure him over night. He then read a report that said it was ineffective and he relapsed. His doctor told him the report was false and he again recovered, only to read once again it was  a hoax, and two days later he made his transition.

When we change how we think, we take ourselves to a new place of consciousness and we manifest to the level of that consciousness.

Many of us are taught that living our dreams is not realistic, so we live in our small world of safety. We stay blissfully in our comfort zone living a life that is less than we could enjoy if we were willing to step into our power. There is no better time than now to step up and say yes to the life you are seeking.

It’s waiting for you just around the corner.

Affirmation : Today, I move out of my comfort zone. I listen to that still small voice and say yes. I know that wherever I go and whatever I do, Spirit goes with me. I cannot fail.

Science of Mind Magazine, August 2017, Daily Guide, page 39

First, my apology for missing posting the Daily Guide for yesterday, time did not permit as had a co-worker that lost a family member and needed to prepare for attending the services today. Of course it is frustrating at times when others do not realize that some of us live alone and have no one to help us and even when you explain that you have a funeral to attend they still expect you to make time for their needs as well instead of being supportive of me being supportive for my co-worker…but I know this is off topic, but some what related as it is partly due to people like this why I find I no longer can “dream” cause I have spent so much time, energy and effort (and emotion) catering and tending to others needs that at the end of the day there is nothing left for me to “feed” my dreams or do things to help me get closer to my dreams thus I have got myself “stuck” in this comfort zone or what I refer to as running in the day to day hamster wheel. If I find myself repeating myself in each other these entries, it is a necessary part of what I need to do to help break this endless garbage loop along with making daily entries from these Science of Mind Daily Guides to force me to read them every day and make an entry about how I am feeling, thinking, etc with regards to that daily guide, especially since I have no one to talk to about any of this as there is no one 1) to talk to, 2) no one to talk to about this and related subjects….but this is a necessary part of the journey to help get me back on track from back years ago when I once had money in the bank, a love in my life and I was happy but then something happened and ALL was taken from me and I have been sad, miserable, alone and “stuck” ever since burying myself in work to escape but all I was doing was (am) burning myself out from always working and never doing anything that truly helped me feel good, better and happy and again “see” the dreams I once dreamed and once lived in my heart……


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