What Do You Expect?

Garden of the Gods by Lara Koo on 500px.com

If it’s going to be it’s up to me. – Robert Schuller

We should expect the best, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience. – “The Science of Mind,” page 300

The quality of our life depends on the equality of our thoughts. What we expect from life is what we will manifest. Circumstances don’t create our life, we do. So, if we want our outer world to improve, we need to begin working on our inner world first. As we say in Religious Science, a new cause will produce a new effect. Brian Tracy asks, “What’s better than positive thinking?” His response: “Positive knowing,” where you know with certainty you can achieve something and you expect the universe to back you.

Years ago a couple in the center where I was ministering came and asked me what the church needed. It seemed every six to eight weeks they went to Laughlin, Nevada, to gamble and bought the center something with their winnings.

I suggested a microwave and the next week we had one. One time we received a television set and lots of cash. I can’t say they always won, but in the time I knew them, they never lost. They had no doubt that they would be successful and they were.

One day when we were talking about their success at gambling, they laughed and said, “You’re the teacher, we are just practicing what you taught us. So what if its in a casino, God is there, too.”

Affirmation : In this moment, I know all is well in my life, I expect only good and good is what I experience. I release any thoughts of lack or limitation.

Science of Mind Magazine, August 2017, Daily Guide, page 43

Definitely a MUCH NEEDED reminder between today’s Abraham-Hicks Daily Law of Attraction Quotation  and this message in the above Daily Guide as I have been feelings so overwhelmed with thoughts of lack and limitation. Along with all the other “needs” that have not been able to be met due to lack of enough money, then been without any work at the second job for the past several weeks which has left me with even less money to get by with and then learn yet something else I own needs to be replaced as it is too old to be updated any further which means I cannot update the necessary applications on it that I use and that along with one of the means I could replace it has been limited more and more further delaying my ability to replace it. So as one can imagine when lack and its constant evidence is coming at you are all sides all day and all night one can easily get caught in lack thoughts and feelings and vibrationally take a nose dive….then even worse when I reach out a virtual hand for help, needing that much needed reassurance and comfort AND reminder but NO ONE answers that call, it does not take much to sink even deeper into the abyss. I know still I have not been able to make time to be here making these entries on a regular daily basis but it does seem like the ones I am able to do are the ones I need the most at that time…..



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