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The Secret Daily Teachings


You Are Extensions of Source Energy…

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The Secret Daily Teachings

The Secret Daily Teachings

He Wants Time With Source

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Making Conscious Use

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Say, “My own will come to me.” / Then believe it — and
wait. / The distance to the goal / Is the length of faith.
— Clara Blandick, “Daily Formula”

The only person who can speak with authority is the one
who has accepted the Principle of Mind and who has
proved It in his own experience. Such a one will never deny
Its potency.
Therefore, never be concerned over what others might say.
We need be concerned only with our own attitude toward
God, for through the Law of Mind, it is only the content of our
thought which becomes demonstrated for us. There is a freedom
which, in some degree, we may prove in our own experience.
It is a waste of time to study these ideas and then fail to make
conscious use of them. Since the only place we can start is within
our own thought, we should begin at once to make better use of
its creativity. We do not need to wait for a greater understanding;
our use of the Law of Mind is the only thing which will increase
our knowledge of It.
The Law of Mind is no different from other laws of nature —
It exists, but we must be aware of It in order to specifically use It.
We must feel that our word in a spiritual mind treatment is both
cause and effect through the action of this Law; that wherever,
whenever and for whatsoever or whomsoever we speak our
word, the living creative Power swings into action, ready, willing
and able to create and to re-create. … Experience will gradually
teach us just what approaches are necessary in
individual instances either for ourselves or another.
— From “Practical Application of the Science of Mind,” 1958


Thus does my spirit become exalted and take in the picture of

Science of Mind – October 2017


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