A Diamond or a Rhinestone

Ace of Spades by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px.com

Your freedom and happiness have been restricted by a story
you haven’t double-checked.
— Alan Cohen
That which is true in principle is only as true in practice as
we make it.
— Ernest Holmes, “It’s Up to You!” (page 161)

Imagine if you found a diamond and, upon looking at it, you
mistakenly deduced it was a rhinestone. Now that doesn’t
make it a rhinestone; it’s still a diamond. Where does the
rhinestone exist? You might say your mind, but the truth is, it
doesn’t exist, there is no rhinestone. You have a false concept in
your field of awareness, but it still doesn’t turn a diamond into a
piece of costume jewelry. When your jeweler tells you that you
have a precious diamond and now you are excited about what
you found, what happens to the rhinestone? Nothing because
there never was a rhinestone. It was always a diamond.

This is the foundation for our spiritual healing. We can mistakenly
see the human condition as a reality and it can truly be
our experience, but that doesn’t make it the truth of our being.
Our first reaction is to heal the false condition thinking it’s real,
but the moment you do that you are attempting to turn a rhinestone
into a diamond.

In reality, you can’t do that because there is no rhinestone
and there is no human condition that supersedes the Divine
Expression of who you already are. The moment you know
the truth that you are looking at a diamond, or God’s perfection,
there can be no otherness, and all false beliefs fade into the nothingness
from which they came.


I know who I am is God expressing.


Science of Mind – November 2017


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