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Appearing as You

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I and the Father are one.
— John 10:30
The Original life is Infinite. It is good. It is filled with peace.
— Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind” (page 36)

Think about an oak dining room table for a moment. You
wouldn’t say there is oak in the table, so much as the oak
has been formed as the table. The oak is the table, and it is
appearing as the table. So when you think of the life force that
created you, don’t think of it as hanging out inside your chest or
caught up somewhere in your body. It’s not like putting gasoline
in your car and saying there is fuel in the car. The Infinite
wouldn’t fit inside you. Rather, it’s God appearing as you. It’s
Spirit as your life, not in your life, not in your body or even in
your mind.

If there was a piece of oak in the table, you might say there
is oak in the table, but then you don’t have an oak table. All that
the oak is, the table must be, since the oak is the table. “I and my
Father are one” seems pretty clear when you are created of the
“God stuff.” Spirit is appearing as you. Religions of the world
seem to agree that God is Infinite. This logically means there
could not be the Infinite and something else or it wouldn’t be
infinite. All Spirit has to create from is Itself, so then It must be
coming into expression as you.

AFFIRMATION:  All that God is, I am. I and the Spirit are one.

Science of Mind – November 2017



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