God Always Receives Us

Below the Horizon by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px.comWe interfere with the extension of nature.

                                                                               — “Emerson’s Essays,” page 96
The Universe, being deductive only, cannot refuse man anything.
                                                                               — “The Science of Mind,” page 209

 In some people’s belief systems, there is a silent (or not so
silent) fear that God likes other people better than them.
I know some people who really feel that there is something
basically the matter with them, that they are created out of
leftovers rather than the “good stuff.” Ernest Holmes has said
that God knows “form but not size,” which means there is no
sense of big or small. This is also saying that the designations
on what to receive, how to receive and when to receive belong
to how much or how little we know of ourselves as spiritual
     It makes no sense that God prefers Catholics over Protestants
or Buddhists over Muslims. These are orders of preference
that we have set upon ourselves due to fear and hatred of
some kind of “other.” It becomes even more troublesome when
we make it personal from one human being to another.
     Oneness with God must mean that all are given the gifts
alike and appear different only according to our abilities to
receive. By the same token, God receives us in whatever conditions
we may present ourselves … fully and completely or
with many hesitations. Any senses of rejection, then, can only
be on our parts, not the Creator’s. It belongs to us and our
individual mind-sets to set aside the stories we have created
and turn fully and completely to God.


The Divine Good fulfills mealways has, always will — and
I access it every day. I release any senses of “more than” or “less
than” within myself. Instead, I know myself to be fully endowed.

Daily Guides – January 29th, 2018 – Science Of Mind – January 2018


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