A New Creation

Morning Rayed by Brett Gasser on 500px.comOne mode of the divine teaching is in the incarnation of the

spirit in a form . . . in forms, like my own.
— “Emerson’s Essays,” page 195
The spirit of the thing is the thought. There is its essence, law
and cause.                                                                             — “The Science of Mind,” page 194

The mind of God is always new. Not bound by time and
space, it is always in a creative mode, some of which is
being carried out by the expansive vistas of humankind.
We who participate in the use of Infinite Mind, by our natures,
must be creative also. While the creative process is not limited
by time and space, as we said before, the things of creation
are, and they will take as much time as they need to come into
form, even if the original idea came in an instant.
There is one thing that creative people must work with:
the fact that the instantaneous emergence of a creative speak
may need an unfolding process. This can take time, energy
and the discovery of ways and means to give form and shape
to visible outcomes. Patience is needed and so is attention to
detail. We may need to put effort (not struggle) into the process
of manifestation.
If there is real joy in creativity, there will also be joy in its
follow-through, in the burnishing of an idea into a glistening
appearance that can bring good to great numbers of people,
for creativity is not for ourselves alone; it is the manifestation
of the Divine Inspiration brought into the world for benefit.
There is an uplift in knowing that we are agents of the Divine
whenever we embody something new, something vital to life.
The push-forward of the creative urge is with us when an idea,
image or strong sense seizes us. Yes, we can say no to being
creative if we wish, but it may cost us in unfulfilled desires.


The Divine Good fulfills mealways has, always willand
I access it every day. I welcome the creative urge within me, and
I am ready to give it form. I await consistent guidance.

Daily Guide January 31st, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine


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