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Citius, Altius, Fortius (Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger”)
— The Olympic motto since the creation of the
International Olympic Committee in 1894
We are limited, not by Principle, but by our own inability
to see perfection. Our thought can bring out a condition as
perfect as we can conceive.                                           — “The Science of Mind,” page 197

“You are whole, perfect and complete.” While I appreciate
the consistent affirmation from many New Thought
materials, sometimes my human self just doesn’t believe it.
It helps me to expand the concept that while I believe it, it is still
possible for me to co-create with the Divine a different version of
whole, perfect and complete me for tomorrow and beyond.
     And what of our brothers and sisters across the planet who
have been displaced by hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and
those whose lives will never be the same because of human
actions of shootings, bombings and war? How can it be that their
lives fall within this definition?
     This is where we come to trust. This is the time when we, as
people of faith, get to know that something much larger than our
human selves is at work. We must continue to believe that the
Universe is always conspiring for our good regardless of what
it looks like to our human eyes. These are opportunities for us
to reaffirm that Spirit always has our back, especially when our
minds and brains are doing all they can to convince us of something
     It is not dichotomous for our human selves to hurt to the core
of our beings in light of recent events and for our spiritual selves
to know the higher Truth. Spirit is in it all. That is what we know
to be true.


I am whole, perfect and complete. As I know this for myself, I know
it for every sentient being on the planet.

Daily Guide February 3rd, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine


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